Sugar Glue 5 Pack


This Sugar Glue Marijuana strain won the High Times Marijuana Cup in 2016, taking the third position. This strain is mildly Indica dominated, a product of two landraces that are well-liked. This strain will have high power and free-up anxieties that will dissipate. With a CBD level of 1 percent, the Sugar Glue Strain THC level will go as high as 25 percent. It also blasts out a delightful taste while offering a reasonably healthy high that can put a feeling of stress-free and a pleasant experience of time in a snap. If you have a medical interest, this herb has the expertise to give too. However, this well-balanced strain is doubtless a choice for many smokers’ therapeutic and medical usage.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Sugar Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

This strain will have a herbal wood-like odor from its origins when it breaks up, which is essential for getting an Afghani breed. Grinding this will be an effort since its hard buds would not make its woody tones visible. Sugar Glue Feminized Pot tastes like Berry, on the other side, and has a recognizable fruity sweetness and traces of a new pine-earthy smell. Lighting up would create a dense smoke with a rich, pungently acidic scent that will savor your taste buds with a very skunky aroma that will compel you to try this. Asthmatics or individuals with breathing difficulties can prefer to do this in moderation or use another strain.

When it comes from the head and down to the body, this strain effect can be long-lasting, giving mental stimulation and full-body relief. Smokers are considered to provide relaxing smoking at the proper dose. It is ideal for individuals who find any mental concentration and conversational impulse. The physical characteristic of Sugar Glue will grip over an average period of an hour of moderate mental tickling impact, so couch-locking will finally take over. Embrace this relaxing feeling since it doesn’t support the body but functions correctly to help make it a perfect day ender for depression and body aches.

How to Grow Sugar Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sugar Glue Feminized Marijuana strain seeds are classified as difficult to grow, so first breeders are not recommended. This strain of marijuana is bushy, short, and heavy with an extraordinary character of being laid back marijuana, allowing both indoor and outdoor cultivation to be possible.

At around a total of 9 weeks indoors, this strain growth period is reasonably quick flowering and will reach around 500-600g/m2, while it will end outdoors about October. This strain review said that most experienced breeders suggest THC and certain fertilizers and plant protectors to give this marijuana a durable plant.