Strawberry Milk Fast Version 5 Pack


Known as an Indica-dominant strain, the Strawberry Milk Fast Version flaunts the fruity flavor of the original strains but added with some other delectable flavors and pungent richness. Although users have reported that they find this strain the least desirable, it still is considered a very tasty one. Its THC levels range from 15-20%, producing that one-two punch of Sativa and Indica effects that it inherited from its parent strains. This combination delivers a very relaxing and gently tranquilizing both the mind and the body. In addition, this fast version of the Strawberry Milk features strong hybrid vigor and finishes its flowering phase at an earlier time. Not only are its flavors very delicious but it is quite well-balanced as well, keeping users coming back for more of what the strain has to offer.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Milk Fast Version?

The aroma and flavor profile of the Strawberry Milk Fast Version is likely similar to its original version. When cured or smoked, the buds release a distinctly fruity tang with more strawberry notes mixed with fresh, fragrant berries. It gives off a sweet and sour funk at the second inspection when the buds are ground up, producing smooth and very tasty smoke. As for its flavors, it offers a very palatable and sweet berry taste on the exhale with undertones of a lovely fruit taste and a bit of sourness on the side.

After users have ingested the rich smoke, a heady onset and mental stimulation will be instantly experienced. This mental stimulation and energetic head rush can be very useful for either productivity or work-related tasks as well as for social situations. The effects hit quite hard at first and gradually turn into soaring euphoria and deep relaxation. Next, the effects may not be very powerful but they may be noticeably sedating and can be felt throughout the body. After that, a very calming euphoria will then be felt from head to toe.

How to Grow Strawberry Milk Fast Version?

Strawberry Milk Fast Version exhibits both Indica and Sativa characteristics. It is relatively tall and sturdy due to its equally thick branches are equally thick that can easily carry the weight of its heavy buds. Moreover, it allows the plant to survive various growing conditions such as strong winds and cool climates. Due to the plant’s physical qualities, it can enable growers to cultivate this cannabis plant in both indoor and outdoor growing conditions. This fast version makes it finish its flowering period earlier within only 7 weeks.

Growers can use both the Sea of Green and Screen of Green setups when cultivating this cannabis plant. Moreover, pruning is also essential for this method. Regardless of which method one opts to use, both will significantly increase yields. The plant can flourish well in a humid, temperate, and Mediterranean-like climate. During October, breeders can already harvest this plant which can produce yields of up to 450-600 G/M² indoor and 500-800G per plant outdoor.