Star Gazar Fast Autoflower 5 Pack


Star Gazer Auto is an incredibly stable, Indica-dominant cannabis that comes from a family of potent and stoney weed. This hybridized strain is the result of crossing Warlock with AK47, which is both recognized as fast, stimulating strains that produce slightly hashy effects. As its name suggests, the weed is known for its fast Indica body stone with a side of mental stimulation and for its intense, alert effects that are felt in both the mind and body; for peacefully gazing at the stars at night. Moreover, this fast-flowering Indica is compact and very sturdy. With all its great qualities, from its flowering stages down to its potent high, it is no wonder that the Star Gaze Auto Fast Version is a multiple awards winner in the High Life and High Times Cannabis Cups.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Star Gazer Auto (Fast)?

The smell and flavor profile of the Star Gazer Auto fast version is very complex with a lot of combinations in between. While in its blossoming phase, the strain’s aroma gets quite strong and leans almost toward pungency. The resin-covered buds produce a citric yet sweet scent with exotic hints of lemon haze. Once the buds are cured, it delivers a sweet and sour blend of lemon flavor with undertones of wood and a natural, almost piney taste. It then changes through the palette and ends with a fine minty aftertaste. All in all, a great flavor and great smoke for both beginners and connoisseurs of marijuana.

Having quite high levels of THC in the 18-25% range, the Star Gazer Auto Fast Version has quite impactful effects. Its high is really strong and can cause soothing relaxation which is perfect for those beautiful stargazing nights during summer. Additionally, it causes euphoric sensations and happy vibes.

How to Grow Star Gazer Auto (Fast)?

A compact and fast-flowering Indica, the Star Gazer Auto Fast Version is one of those strains with the highest levels of mold and mildew-resistant characteristics. It has short, thick leaves and an Indica structure that produces resin-laden buds, which it inherited from both its parent strains. It usually takes between 6-7 weeks to finish flowering.

This cannabis plant can grow well in an indoor and outdoor setting. However, it is recommended to have grown in an indoor setting wherein the temperature can be controlled. The herb can grow in abundance in densely planted soil or hydro. Topping and super-cropping should be done to this plant for it to be trained indoors. Yields of 400-600G/M2 can be collected come harvest time. Outdoors, it loves the cold temperatures and can even survive in the conditions of the northern latitudes. And since it has tendencies that lead to extensive branching, the SOG (Sea of Green) technique or pruning can be done. Also, support is required once the buds start to reach their full density. The plant can produce yields of up to 350-600G per plant which can then be harvested during early September or October, depending on pheno.