Sour Kush 5 Pack


The Sour Kush feminized cannabis strain is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. When grown properly, this strain can reach an intense THC level of 23% with incredible yield. Normally used because of its medical properties, this strain releases an uplifting cerebral buzz which leads to a mellow-stoned relaxation right after that is perfect to relieve stress and body pain.The Sour Kush strain has a sour fuel flavor with a strong pungent diesel odor mixed with notes of refreshing sweetness that can fill up the room. In about 8-10 weeks, this medium-sized plant with light green frosted leaves is simple to grow and can yield 500-550g/m2 indoors and a whopping 800g per plant outdoors.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Sour Kush Feminized Strain?

The Sour Kush marijuana strain has a nose to tongue experience of diesel with a sweet and sour flavor that has an after taste of spicy pine when exhaled.

This wake-and-bake strain can provide its users with an energized high that uplifts the mood and a clear mental focus that can produce creative outcomes. After a good while, a slow buzz begins to wrap the mind and body until the smoker is in a soothing relaxed state.

How to Grow Sour Kush Feminized Strain 

The Sour Kush marijuana strain is a straightforward, fast growing medium-sized plant that can thrive indoors and outdoors and yield 500-800g of potent weed in just 8-10 weeks. This plant can spread out wide with countless tops and a canopy and is able to produce dense and heavy buds wrapped in thick and sticky resins.

For indoor growing, this average-sized plant is recommended to be placed under strong HID lamps to give it enough nutrients to grow well. The SCROG method is best used at a 12:12 light cycle to give the plant a balanced distribution of moisture levels, airflow and light which can lead to the development of high-quality buds. On the other hand, the SOG method can also be applied to shorten the growth cycle which can result in a good harvest. Expect yields of 500-500g/m2 once it is ready to harvest. It would be a good idea to have a carbon filter in place with proper ventilation to control the strong odor of this strain.

The Sour Kush is a sun-lover. For outdoor gardening, it is ideal to place this plant in organic soil where there is plenty of sunlight. This will preserve the terpene profile and enrich the potency of the strain. With minimal effort in terms of pruning, you won’t have too much of a problem monitoring this plant. Expect yields of almost 800g per plant during the harvesting season.