Snow Ripper 5 Pack


The Snow Ripper strain is an indica-dominant hybrid between Ginger Ale, Afghani and a secret hybrid that adds to its mystery. With a THC of 19%, this strain tranquilizes the body into a relaxed physical state. The Snow Ripper marijuana strain emits a strong piney aroma. When exhaled, this strain lets out an earthy smell that transports the user to the great outdoors. For the taste, this strain has a pungent flowery flavor when inhaled and notes of earthy overtones on the exhale.Novice to seasoned gardeners will have no problem growing this marijuana strain into a small bushy plant with big leaves and stems. When done right, this plant will produce a copious amount of large nuggets wrapped in crystal resin. Within 8-10 weeks, this strain can produce 350-450g/m2 indoors and around 600g per plant outdoors.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Snow Ripper Feminized Strain?

The Snow Ripper marijuana strain has a distinct woody aroma that has earthy overtones complemented with a piney flavor that is reminiscent of a rainy forest.

The Snow Ripper strain is a hard-hitting hybrid that will knock you off your feet. The sedating effect brought about by this indica-dominant strain will leave you in a numbingly relaxed state. This strain also provides a mental high that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

How to Grow Snow Ripper Feminized Strain 

If you are looking to make your own hash, the Snow Ripper marijuana strain is an ideal choice, especially with its large, resin filled nuggets. This hardy small plant will grow up to 180cm with bushy, large stems and leaves and will produce a copious yield of 350-450g/m2 indoors and around 600g per plant outdoors in just 8-10 weeks.

When growing indoors, this strain doesn’t require much space but needs efficient hydration, light management and nutrition to get a generous yield of 350-450g/m2. For outdoor growing, all you need to do is station the plant in an area with plenty of sunlight. Harvest this by mid October and you should have a yield of 600g per plant.