Skunk Glue 5 Pack


The Feminized Marijuana strain of Skunk Glue is Sativa-dominant. The high-energy, talkative buzz generated by the Sativa provides this one with innovative energy that many cannot parallel. However, with a calm body sensation that makes you tingly all over, the Indica counters the high energy. The breeder suggests the safest use for relaxing and raising appetite is the Skunk Glue Feminized strain, which may also be used for insomnia.The THC level is average at 19%. It is difficult to cultivate this strain, so you need to be extra careful about growing it.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Skunk Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Renowned for its unique taste, the Skunk Glue Feminized Marijuana strain will give you a sedating and relaxing taste that you expect. It tastes like spicy and pine skunk as well, and it gives you a unique smoke.

For its effect, the aroma produced a euphoric, creative, and powerful high. This high will leaves users feeling energetic and peaceful. This strain induces sleep, so many users use it to aid insomnia or restless leg syndrome. People with difficulty feeding, such as those with nausea induced by chemotherapy, will prefer strain as it is known to boost the appetite. This strain will leave you feeling glued to couch.

How to Grow Skunk Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A Sativa dominant is the Skunk Glue Feminized Marijuana strain. While it is immune to most molds and mildews and provides an above-average yield, this is a very long growth time and comes into the temperamental and challenging to cultivate group. This marijuana strain can survive both indoors and outdoors well. But this strain is advised to develop outdoor at even 12/12.12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. If you are a successful breeder and can nurture it well, it can grow in only 8-10 weeks for a limited period.