Skunk Fast Version 5 Pack


Skunk Fast Version is a cross between a genetic line that was selected which was the Early Skunk elite and the Sweet Skunk Auto. This hybridization between a photoperiod version and an autoflowering version of a Skunk strain results in a photoperiod Skunk gene that flowers very fast. This ultra-fast strain is one of the fastest and most famous marijuana families of all time and is considered to be one of the classics.Aside from its ultra-fast flowering features, Skunk fast version is also acclaimed for its flavors and aroma which you can usually find in the Skunk family that is well-loved by many.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Skunk Fast Version?

With an all familiar taste coming from the famous Skunk family, its Earthy, citrusy scent with that strong hit of skunk which can be described through scent as spicy yet sweet-smelling. Skunk Fast Version also delivers fast-acting effects and the experience can be described as highly cerebral accompanied with a body high that is also sublime. Keep in mind that this is packed with 18% THC which can really pack a blow if too much is consumed.

Its effect starts off with a euphoric and energetic buzz which can bring in an uplifted and focused mood. It can also enhance creativity making it perfect for projects and brainstorming to pump up your creative juices. Skunk Fast Version is also good for socializing as this can increase misdemeanor which makes consumers more sociable and talkative resulting in an enjoyable get-together. However, we are careful as a bit too much can result in a couch-lock.

How to Grow Skunk Fast Version?

Skunk Fast version although is still photoperiod, has a smaller structure than its photoperiod Skunk parent. This strain is packed with characteristics that make it perfect for beginners. One of which is its ability to tolerate stress which makes it impossible to turn hermie. Furthermore, based on records Skunk Fast Version seeds are at the top of the list of stains that have high female turnouts in the industry.

It is also highly resistant to disease and pests which gives beginners more space to avoid sickness and infestation. Skunk Fast Version stain also responds well to low and high-stress training methods to increase yield like the Sea of green training technique. Once initiated and done properly this can lower the flowering time for about 2 weeks bringing down the total to about 6-7 weeks and can reach yields of about 400grams/m2 indoors which is a lot for this short period.

Outdoors, Skunk Fast Version is resilient to weather changes that are not extreme and is recommended to be grown in a sunny area. Allow access to plenty of direct sun as it lets the flowers develop more fully. Harvests around the first week of October and we can expect around 500 grams per plant.