Skunk #1 5 Pack


Experience Skunk #1 strain a feminized hybrid strain made by White Label. It is an indica-dominant strain that can grow lush yields. The buds are perfect with lovely dense trichomes. This weed can help you stop the pain, deal with stress and anxiety, and to end insomnia and sleeplessness. And the best part is that it’s all natural.

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More About Skunk#1

A classic, legendary consistent strain

Skunk #1 has continued to live an innate strain, which indicates its offshoot adheres to a uniform design from the same plants. As a result, it renders something of a benchmark in cannabis reproduction.

It flourishes indoors and likewise succeeds extremely great in nurseries. In the open air, it is satisfactorily left to more temperate Mediterranean environments and will be available to accumulate throughout October. Covered flourishing endures for roughly 70 days before light green or golden buds stuffed with gum crystals will be yours.

Faithful to its title, it breathes strongly skunky, during which the flavor is a combination of earthy and sour tastes. However, it appears with a mental high that denies its ancestor’s genetics; it likewise gives profound-body leisure. The body high is tranquil and calming, while the cerebral high is dynamic and artistic. It can be applied to handle stress and other psychiatric conditions, along with a lack of appetite, intermittent pain, and neuralgias.