Rosenthal 5 Pack


Rosenthal is also an iconic well-balanced hybrid considered to be a standard in numerous sections of the planet. Because of its delicious tropical flavors, this weed comes of Mexican and South Asian origin. Because of its relatively strong 19% THC content, cerebral effects are powerful, although its physical effects help reduce any activity.It’s a creative, euphoric, talkative, soothing, and tingly strain with delicious flavors of lime, apple, mint, oak, pineapple, and sweet. Rosenthal is a grower’s fantasy. With its high-quality buds and increasing usability, this cannabis succeeds when grown inside your growing area.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Rosenthal Feminized Marijuana Strain

These buds fall off, releasing tropical fruit aromas. If vaporized, this magnifies into pineapple tones with hints of mint, lime, and delicate flavors. The blend makes a more-ish and mouthwatering, soothing scent and flavor mixture Unlike many other strains, Rosenthal’s feminized physical effect appears first. It puts down a wet, tingly feeling from the ears, flushing anxiety and weariness as it spreads. A full-blown stone took over the body in seconds. Relaxing and hard, but not couch-locking.

A few minutes later a growing cortical noise starts. It begins moderate, then eventually strengthens into a climb. The good feeling heightens, achieving a state of euphoria that no difficulty or pessimistic thinking will ruin. An increase of emotional vitality follows, fueling the inspiring feelings as a stream of fresh concepts rushes. Such a cognitive influence promotes creative thought, generating fruitful interactions.

How to Grow Rosenthal Feminized Marijuana Strain

Growing outdoors, this strain fits well in almost every climate. Usually, it has a sativa structure, with such a long skinny trunk and leaves that can expand up to 2feet tall. The intense weight of the buds ensures you need to train divisions – you will get up to 1kg from only one of these plants. This should be ready by mid-September, growing impressive plants directly in the soil.

Indoors, these plants can double the size while flowering but don’t be shocked at how much development you give it as it will grow too large. Approximately 16 crops per square meter are more than enough, please ensure they develop before they reveal the second nodes at most – until they start flowering, you’ll have trident structure plants in your growth. Over the past few weeks, the buds still grow a lot, providing yields of over 500g below 600w lights. Flowering requires only 8-9 weeks, and it is recommended to train the crop so it could grow big.