Purple Urkle 5 Pack


Purple Urkle has achieved iconic marijuana status for decades. This well-balanced hybrid strain is renowned for its soothing, sedative buzz, and deliciously fruity taste. Given its mild THC material, it’s quick-acting and hard-stoned. It has long kept the name of such a “two-hit quitter,” which is considered to cause extreme relief. Satisfactory yields and beautiful indica-looking crops allow this strain an accomplished farmer’s choice. And its famous grape flavor guarantees a smoking pleasure. It comes as easy-to-germinate feminized seeds for home growers. With a careful analysis, these seeds grow into females almost all the time. It also contains extremely accurate genetics, maintaining crops reach maximum output in ideal circumstances.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Purple Urkle Feminized Strain

This strain is profoundly related to the Mendocino Purps genetics. It produces an earthy, skunky scentr while exuding a blend of grape and berry aroma to satisfy olfactory senses. Be prepared for a party in your mouth after you puff this strain! Used mildly, Purple Urkle is a fairly potent strain. Based on how much the crops were grown, their buds could produce up to 22% THC, rendering it very disastrous for hardcore consumers.

Shortly after intake, a gentle, euphoric elevated buzz in the brain, elevating mood. Essentially, it melts away tension, opening the way for feeling the joy to grow from inside, keeping us feeling positive. It fosters conceptual insight and imagination. Along with heightened senses, there is a keener concentration that makes us lock onto unique activities. However, cerebral symptoms quickly give way to an overwhelming soothing feeling enveloping the body. It allows physical exercise to stop as laziness takes over. When the emotionally calming sensation deepens, several people can find it enticing to do more than stay and relax.

How to Grow Purple Urkle Feminized

Cultivating Purple Urkle is a simple method even beginners might manage to achieve. All throughout the growing season, it includes proper fertilizer blend, watering plan, and stringent pH, temperature, and humidity control – all normal growing activities. When trees stretch, the leaves denser. Any type of pruning and trimming helps preserve tidy lower sections. This often diverts energy to bud-forming upper regions.

After flowering for 8-9 weeks, this strain could yield up to 300 grams per square meter. Optionally, a highly suitable mother plant may have cloning cuts grown in SOG. Outdoors, there’s plenty of sunlight in mild climates. The harvest time typically occurs throughout the northern hemisphere from October 2nd to 3rd. Each crop may well have 400 g of buds.