Purple Thai 5 Pack


Purple Thai Feminized marijuana strain is one of Thailand’s oldest native breeds. This strain is as amazing as Sativa’s oldest landrace. That’s how Thailand should be. That’s perfect for euphoria and extremely heavy. It offers intense introspection. This is the strain of Chocolate Thai and Highland Oaxacan Gold. Purple Thai is a popular type with heavy Sativa influence, as a strong psychedelic happiness buzz. This pressure pays off with some intensely introspective head stash. It would certainly please those who like a weed because of its quality mental and perfect for sleep, meditation, or some artistic opportunity. Purple Thai’s dark buds have exotic, fruity, and berry flavor.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Purple Thai Feminized Marijuana Strain

Clever and unpretentious, Purple Thai Fem’s scent is good with subtle earthy tones, accented with coffee, cocoa, and subtle nuttiness. Purple Thai is undeniably a powerful strain likely to cause extremely energetic, euphoric cerebral high. A properly grown plant can boast a 21-24% THC, rendering it a wild, strong sample better ignored by novices.

Short weeks after such a strike, the energizing results rush through the body and mind. The atmosphere changes to positivity and optimism in a moment, which is one of the factors it’s recognized as a perfect cheer strain. Not only will it improve physical fitness, but it also encourages mental clarity and concentration. It can also activate the artistic hand, freeing imaginative thoughts and ideas. Purple Thai is a perfect discussion starter.

How to Grow Purple Thai Feminized Marijuana Strain

Because Purple Thai Feminized has a background from some of the world’s most welcoming environments, like Mexico and Thailand, it isn’t surprising for her to grow especially well in a dry, humid setting. As such, when developing this plant indoors, this is the weather for her to thrive. Although this weed has several concerns that need marijuana growing expertise, it is not advised for beginner farmers, given its all-female aspects modifying some work.

Developing Purple Thai Fem in SOG setup would resolve this. By building a screen over the top canopy and adjusting branches to scatter uniformly over it, all sites obtain sufficient light without too much sun. Performed right, this will also raise the yield to 2.13 oz each square foot, rendering the 12 to 14 weeks of flowering even more attractive. Growing outdoors this herb varies somewhat since ambient light influences the plant differently. In ideal conditions, harvest time for Purple Thai Fem falls between late October to early November, with yields estimated to be about 35 oz per plant.