Heirloom Purple Clone x Mandarin Sunset


Vibrant colorful flowers ranging from fuchsia to rust organge to almost black. She has a good amount of variation but it’s all desirable and distinct. Most grow fairly compact, with strong lateral branching. Very fast onset and quick to ripen as well. A great early seaaon plant for outside. Great for fast production and quicker turnover for the perpetual work flow. Flowers range in size and structure. Large, medium density flowers, as well as large spongy flowers that start with very long clustered pistils that form calyx-heavy sets that remind me of the original Purple Urkel.




  • Available in either 5/10 AlphaFem™ Seeds


  • Flowering Time: Indoor 7-8 weeks / Outdoor Early harvest


  • Cannabinoids: 20-25%


  • CBD 1-2 %


  • CBG 2-3 %


  • Terpenes/Flavors: Extraordinary, pungent and unique!! Combinations of pink cotton candy, bluberry muffins, candied cherries, syntheitc grape and sweet sugary citrus and propane.

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