Purple Dream 5 Pack


The Purple Dream Fem strain was developed by Californian growers who combined the Blue Dream and Purple Kush strains to create the Indica-dominant strain. Purple Kush is a parent of Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush, whilst also Blue Dream strain is a hybrid of Super Silver and  Blueberry, both of which have won the High Times Cannabis Cup. The Purple Dream Feminized strain obtains a little bit of musky, sour aroma, while the taste has notations of flowers and grapes with a glimpse of hash. The high it gives is relatively gentle with such a soothing body hit and pleasurable mental relief that could easily result in giggle works. This isn’t an overwhelming stone, so Purple Dream Fem weed is ideal during daytime smoke.

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What are the  Flavors and Effects of Purple Dream Feminized Strain?

After you’ve been thrilled with the aroma, you’d be happy to know that the scent goes on with its flavors, and so it creates a more savory flavor with a fruity undercurrent of grapes and berries. Not really a lot of cannabis strains can be regarded to have a widely recognized, delicious taste, but Purple Dream Fem is definitely one of the few. It’d likely take over a couple of minutes for this weed strain to start working its miracles and take you on a trip. And when it does, it begins with a mental high that leaves you feeling like a black shadow has been lifted out of your head. As the physical body ticks high, you begin to feel an increased sense. In short, you seem to be much more awake, while at the same time, the journey starts. Your body is shrouded by a state of comfort and you feel your mood twirling to the optimistic, which also conveys the sense of happiness. The frequency of the hit can proceed to the moment of euphoria for some individuals. Instead of taking you to a mindless state, Purple Dream Fen would make you feel dreamy in a great way.

How to Grow Purple Dream Feminized Strain?

The Purple Dream Feminized can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It enjoys the sun, so planting it in the Mediterranean climate makes it easier for it to grow up to 8 feet in height in a good environment. This marijuana plant grows well indoors, either using hydroponics or soil. One good thing about growing marijuana indoors is that you’ll have methods that you can’t do outdoors to boost its yield. Purple Dream Feminized, for example, thrives well if you’re using the method of Screen of Green (ScrOG). Though its different methods one could have used to develop the Purple Dream Feminized, the desire of harvesting your very own marijuana can be a real thing for newbies to indoor planting because this cannabis strain is easier to produce than most other weed strains.