Pineapple Haze 5 Pack


A couple of discrepancies on where Pineapple Haze originates and its biology. Its genetics include the Hawaiian and Trainwreck. They are thought to be a cross between Pineapple Haze and Sativa Haze.Pineapple Haze has a tropical pineapple taste and has fast cerebral energy that is just as tasty. Its pineapple plants bloom with large pink and white flowers. The Haze is an intense and imaginative spark that can be harnessed by the day or night.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Pineapple Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Pineapple Haze emits a fragrance similar to its namesake fruit. The earthy and floral notes perfectly round out the fruity tones. Smoked, it gives off a light, sweet, and citrusy taste. A little weed in the aftertaste, but nothing too noticeable.

Pineapple Haze Strain has THC levels of up to 19%. The effect is very intense. Some have called it overwhelming. Therefore, Sativa-dominant cannabis is not recommended for occasional or first-time smokers. As a whole, one-hitters are highly addictive.

Smoking this kind of strain will give you a euphoric experience. You’ll feel a cerebral uplifting high that jolts you with creative energy. This keeps you motivated to keep moving. Pineapple Haze provides a very high amount of cerebral energy. And it is not sedating so swimming, hiking, fishing, running, and other outdoor activities are easy. Aside from the fact that it helps you relax, you will not feel any physical effects.

How to Grow Pineapple Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Pineapple Haze Strains are seeds that are feminized, in comparison to male plants, female plants are those that grow weeds. When they receive less light per day, they start flowering, as Pineapple Haze is available in almost every major dispensary, acquiring seeds is quite an easy feat. Growers only need to worry about caring for the plant in this way. That may not be as easy, though.

The herb’s stalks are a bit weak due to it’s sativa structure, Although its branches are vulnerable to breakage.It also tends to grow quite tall, probably exceeding an indoor growing area’s boundaries. Growers may want the plant to bend and top early, or, for this reason, apply super cropping techniques.


  1. Burman

    They’ve all SPROUTED! OHMY! Growing my own is a rewarding and enjoyable pastime, resulting in a tall plant full of tight nugs. She makes a lot of fruit (up to 660g per plant). Also, disease and mold resistance. My cheerful girl is exactly what I need to combat my despair. As I take a smoke, only happy thoughts come into my mind. With its sweet pineapple, citrus, and mint flavor, this herb gives me a thrilling and calming experience. But be cautious, it makes my eyes and mouth crazily dry, so I drink a lot of water to lessen discomfort..I’ll grow again soon. THANKS!