Orange Cake Autoflower 5 Pack


The Orange Cake Autoflowering is a Sativa-dominant strain from (California Orange x Mimosa) and Orangeade. Orange cake auto has a strong scent. Along with a smell, it has fresh oranges; and includes light citrusy undertones. This Orange cake strain has mind-clearing, uplifting, mood-changing effects and gives you a cerebral buzz. It helps treat chronic pain, disorders and is used for a long sleep. Orange Cake Auto nugs are vibrant greenish color with orange and yellow hairs; this bud has elongated pepper-shaped with crystalline white trichomes. It reacts well to different growth strategies and has an overall fast growth of about 7-10 weeks.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Orange Cake Auto?

Orange Cake Auto has different unique flavors; citrusy, lime, sweet, and sticky, followed by a fun, earthy flavor, which takes you on a gentle journey. Orange cake strain has a pungent from the usual earthy fragrance. With a somewhat nutty woody exhale

How to Grow Orange Cake Auto?

Growing Orange Cake auto seeds require special care. Beginners may find Orange Cake Auto a little finicky; These autoflower Cannabis Seeds don’t need much lighting automation. They are feminized, so there is no worry that you will grow unwanted male plants. This plant grows four feet indoors and can increase when grown outdoors. It also contains natural pest and disease resistance but prefers a dry and temperate climate. Water your plants daily without drowning your roots and nourishing them with an organic fertilizer to provide the nutrition it needs.

If grown indoors, particularly as large flowers start to grow. One concern is that heavy colas appear to decline or drop and probably several branches. The orange cake can be assisted by a help structure or the Green Screen (SCROG) process.

If grown outdoors, Handle the plants in an outside environment if you have access to a mild Mediterranean climate. It may reach a height of up to 180 cm (6 feet) in height. Show them some love and care.