OG Punch 5 Pack


OG Punch Feminized is an Indica-dominant variety that has been spread throughout the world. This marijuana strain ranges a THC level of 25%, making its buds heavier that produces a long-lasting cerebral effect. This marijuana strain is small and has been recognized by its dense and crystal-covered buds. The leaf is short and strong and possesses nine wide, finger-like structures. The hues are dark green, purple making this marijuana strain stand out.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of OG Punch Feminized Seeds?

OG Punch Feminized strain is known for its sweet, pungent aroma and Fruity taste. With a hint of citrus and herbs that delivers heavy sedating effects, happy, sleepy, and creative during your lazy day. Smoking this marijuana strain can cause euphoric, uplifting, and sedating feelings that would melt you in a couchlock.

How to Grow OG Punch Feminized Seeds

OG Punch Feminized strain can be grown both outdoor and indoor but in a sunny and warm environment. If grown outdoors, its flowering time will take 8-10 weeks and be harvested in mid-October. Growers can also expect a yield of 500-550g per plant. Indoors cultivation requires 600W lights; this strain can reach a height of 160cm, making the marijuana strain taller. Expect a yield of 350-400g/m2.