Northern Lights #10 5 Pack


Northern Lights #10 feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a short flowering period. It is easy to grow, but it must be done inside a greenhouse or indoors. Your plants are able to grow up to a height of 200 cm and yield 20 percent THC. Northern Lights #10 fem is not a novice strain, needing a temperate, sunshine setting. To increase its yields, this strain should be grown indoors or ideally inside a greenhouse. A popular predictor with an outstanding flowering period and a herbal aroma and flavor is Northern Lights # 10. It’s a strain that makes you feel absolutely comfortable, ready to fall asleep. Its extreme sedating effects make insomnia, discomfort, loss of appetite, anxiety, and stress a powerful and natural remedy.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of  Northern Lights #10 Feminized Strain

As soon as you light up and reach Northern Lights #10, an instant burst of intellectual euphoria will rush through you. Quickly, it boosts mood by eliminating the emotional baggage that slows you down. As anticipated from a primarily Indica strain, it’s very soothing but strong, forcing you to lie down and lose yourself in deep introspection.

The soothing vibe helps take away stress, exhaustion, muscle pain, and other unpleasantness, making it a great partner to loosen up after a long day. This strain encourages ears of musky, pine-like fragrance and hashish, sandalwood, cedarwood, and maple notes. After inhalation, it causes a fiery aftertaste of honey, salty, flower tastes.

How to Grow Northern Lights #10 Feminized

Northern Lights #10 features all the iconic features of an Indica. It boasts a lightweight frame with minimal internodal distance, dense branches, and rich-colas. It’s still fairly resistant to mold, illness microbes, and harsh weather. These characteristics make it an ideal beginner introductory strain. Its compact stature encourages indoor development. In regulated conditions, you would need to sustain temperatures of around 70-80°F and humidity levels about 40-50% as well as set up an effective ventilation system. Pruning excess vegetation is a great way to avoid humidity and mold growth.

A hydroponics method together with the Sea of Green technique can promote exponential development. It not only speeds up vegging but also improves efficiency. When grown under optimum conditions, after 6 to 8 weeks of flowering, plan to extract 1.8 oz of buds per sq meter. Outdoor farming is also feasible. NL #10 enjoys basking in the light, and each plant will grow up to 17 oz of healthy nugs the first week in October.