Nicole Kush 5 Pack


Nicole Kush is a powerful variety that is suitable for those that have developed a high tolerance for cannabis smoking, but who have no experience cultivating it. It has a distinct blended scent of sweet berries and dank notes of mildly spicy hash that render it possible to overindulge. Take it steady, though: newcomers, as well as those with high sensitivity, can quickly be overcome by up to 23 percent THC level.For consumers at all levels of experience, this is a perfect option and delivers results that are not daunting. With an olive green hue accented by an extremely dense coat of resin, buds appear to be fairly lumpy. Earthy, pine, kush, and berries can play together along with your tongue to fill the air with a fragrance that is really tempting and mouthwatering. More of a savory pleasure than anything else.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Nicole Kush Feminized

When the smoke loads your mouth and hints about your tongue, you’ll notice the complex scent making its way onto your palette. Although sweet, fruity notes play through the taste buds, the musky soil and pungent fuel settle on the palate. This distinctive mix renders this a rare end-of-day treat.

With such elevated THC amounts, a Nicole Kush Feminized strain is so intense that the symptoms are virtually immediate. Next, the improved attitude sets in and leaves room for optimistic thoughts and a mental condition that is worry-free. This gives way to greater attention and positive feelings. See the whole of the being falling into intense and profound relaxation as the buzz continues to travel through the body. The cerebral buzz will develop into hours of consciousness and introspection that are much more invigorated. Your mind and body will fall into a calm, rejuvenating relaxation as the stone sensation wears off. As the extreme high will leave you comfortably couch-locked, make sure to stick near to the couch or bed.

How to Grow Nicole Kush Feminized?

A Screen of Green method is best used for cultivating Nicole Kush feminized strain. While this growth method is mostly used on long plants, the assistance it can provide the many heads of this cannabis variety that is scarcely 4 feet tall helps immensely. It also enhances the ability to grow buds. With temperatures between 70 and 79°F, it needs to be kept cool in a regulated climate.

It is also important to regulate the humidity level in the growing space, especially and during 8 – 9 weeks of fruiting. The perfect RH value is between 40 and 50 percent in the first 6 to 7 weeks, taken down to 30 to 40 percent in the final 2 weeks Usually, the application of an effective approach and an ideal growth setting produces 1.47-1.96 oz each sq foot. Outdoors, as long as it’s produced in a region with a Mediterranean atmosphere, it yields a comparable yield. In colder areas, it performs well, too, but the yields are going to be lower. Harvest begins in the northern hemisphere by the end of September.