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Mochalope is a strong THC feminized strain for longer pleasure. It comes with an aromatic scent and taste, ideal for relaxing. Mochalope is the crossbreed Oregon Afghani female clone that came from landrace seeds with identical results to OG Kush. Mochalope Feminized is the best strain for a post-dinner joint, particularly when you’re susceptible to missing dessert. Indica-dominant, this strain inspires with a blend of sweet coffee and strong chocolate scents and tastes as you split the buds apart and catch your senses covered in earthen mocha citrus aroma worthy of thick, fluffy cake. You’ll have a 25% THC, just the right amount for a couchlock impact. Mochalope is an easy growing strain, suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivating.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Mochalope Feminized Marijuana

Mochalope feminized is a pleasure for most marijuana enthusiasts. The taste characteristic is ideally described by a rich, earthy nature accentuated by the intriguing flavors of chocolate and coffee along with some soft, spicy sounds. She’s strong cannabis that wasn’t for novice and can also smash down expert consumers at 25% THC content. After a few minutes, a puff of Mochalope fem arrives, starting with a slightly euphoric sensation that loosens, overcomes, and unfocuses the head, delivering calming cerebral relaxation that eventually devolves and nuzzles the whole body.

When this feeling intensifies with time, you’re overwhelmed by an absolutely numbing body stone that takes over every muscle and tendon. Muscle tone and anxiety give way to blissful euphoria as the stone of the body deepens and fatigue melts away, along with an urge to get up and walk.  .Complete oblivion is assured except in moderate amounts, and many would notice the subconscious loosens into a blurry and meditative condition when the physical equivalent is replete on a tranquil feeling

How to Grow Mochalope Feminized Marijuana

This is a short and intermediate crop, suitable for indoor setups like rising tents. Germinating seeds utilizing the toilet paper process works very well with this marijuana hybrid, and for an improved flavor, you may start the vegetative process in seedlings organic soil. This is a strong medium option since it is by default a reasonably fast-growing herb. Hydroponics may also be used and feeding the roots directly, combined with the usage of 600 watts HID lamps, greatly improves growth rate.

Whatever medium you use, the Sea of Green technique is suggested for perpetual harvesting, and it will also shorten the vegetative cycle by two weeks.

Through SOG, the flowering period stands at 7 to 9 weeks. It results in reliably higher-quality buds with yields up to 1.96 oz per square foot, however. If developing outdoors, Mochalope fem prefers areas with more sunlight and adequate shade to dissipate heat, particularly midday. Harvest normally occurs within October’s first two weeks, and the estimated yield is around 21 oz per acre.