Meat Breath Autoflower 5 Pack


The Meat Breath is a primarily Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain created by combining the genes of the Indica-dominant hybrids of Meatloaf and the iconic Mendo Breath. The combined visibility of trichomes, dark colors of purple, and bright orange pistils, Meat Breath, has distinctive features visually related to other strains. Its bud form to its hue, odor, and visibility of trichomes is an eye-catching cultivar.The fantastic team is responsible for the “Breath” strain family, establishing a hereditary royal legacy, much like the “Cookies” strain family. For its distinct and “new,” almost unfamiliar aroma and taste, Meat Breath is well recognized.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Meat Breath Autoflowering?

At the first touch, the delicious tastes of caramel and chocolate sprinkled with berries invigorate the palate. Meat Breath It’s vanilla that coats the tongue to balance it. It leaves a cooling mint, and rich earth on the exhale, which balances out the original profile. The name says it all with this bud; you will get one crazy taste that will leave you tasting it for hours on end. Meatbreath has a super dank and spicy taste of citrus diesel with a special touch of meatloaf when exhaled. With harsh chemical diesel and spicy rotting meats filling every space with its potent stench, the smell takes a more intense turn.

A tingly buzz, free of strain, kneads the temples. First, it smoothes the creases across the forehead, making the mind swarm in a rush of euphoria. A significant shift in mood occurs within minutes. When smiles broaden and brighten, users appear happier. A spark in one’s eye indicates the emergence of an intrinsic sense of pleasure that overcomes negativity. On the rest of the body, the same soothing feeling trickles down. It kneads and releases tension from any muscle it surges through. Replacing it is a heavy-limbed buzz that pleasantly weights users down to the sofa, close to lounging around after working a long day. It eventually settles in the limbs before one unknowingly falls asleep.

How to Grow Meat Breath Autoflowering

Meat Breath, available only as a clone, requires a seasoned grower’s care and attention. It is highly sensitive and, particularly in the beginning, susceptible to diseases and pests. Putting the seedlings in beginner cubes, exposing them to relatively warm room temperatures between 22 ° C and 25 ° C, an 18/6 lightning current for faster root development, and a humid environment will allow them to form roots in one or two days.

Meat Breath takes 7 to 9 weeks for it to bloom fully. It produces about 10 and 12 ounces of buds per square meter at harvest. By extending the flowering period by a week, growers can increase yields. From the last week of September to the middle of October, Meat Breath flowers typically outdoors. It yields, once fully matured, at least 12 ounces of buds per plant.