Lucid Dream 5 pack


Lucid Dream Feminized is a Sativa-dominant strain containing a THC level of around 21-28% and can produce a plant with 4% CBD. This marijuana strain is a hybridized cross between Blue Dream and Amnesia Haze strain. Lucid Dream Feminized will develop into a lovely marijuana plant whose potency and harvests exceed expectations. It is not difficult to grow these Lucid Dream Feminized seeds, and growers have to keep a close eye on this plant as it flowers.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Lucid Dream Feminized Strain?

The aroma of Lucid Dream resembles something you might expect, fruit. Blueberries are one of the largest fruits. Sweet limes follow a smoky scent on the taste buds. On the exhalation, the same fruity flavor is apparent. Its high THC content can overpower newbies and experienced users.

Lucid Dream Feminized strain’s first few tracks have a euphoric feel to them. Users would feel energized, have more focus, and have a clearer mind. Give off a sensation that extends from head to toe. Some people believe they are daydreaming because the users are in a dream-like state.

How to Grow Lucid Dream Feminized Strain?

Unfortunately, this great medicinal strain isn’t really available commercially. Fortunately, one could still be able to clone the strain from a cutting. Lucid Dream Feminized is a simple-to-grow strain and produces large quantities of seeds. While humidity and temperature levels in the growing location must be supervised. Either small change could damage the growth development. An adjustable hygrometer must be positioned all over the room. The Lucid Dream Feminized plant is also called a horseshoe plant. It has a huge head full of sticky THC resin. There is a dense, resinous trichome with small orange shade pistils. The buds mature into a light green.

Lucid Dream Feminized strain blooms in just 8 to 9 weeks. With proper care, it can grow between 12 and 14 oz of buds per square meter. Growers will have to top the plant because it grows too tall. Outdoors cultivation can produce a large yield of 14-18 oz of buds at the end of October and can be harvested at this stage.