Kosher Kush 5 Pack


Kosher Kush Fem strain is one of the most famous strains in the industry as it won the Best Indica 2010 and  High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011 and Best Strain in 2011. With all of these awards, it would be a real pity to not try Kosher Kush fem Cannabis Seeds. Its insane THC levels are the reason for the hype buzz this pure Indica strain provides. Some Kosher Kush samples tested over 29% of true THC. As you could imagine, this cannabis strain can easily help you sleep for hours. Some days are intended for such behavioral patterns, others are intended to work. The THC chemical compound is mentally high, except for CBD. Its THC level may change your thinking, metabolic rate, brain activity, and overall mindset.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Kosher Kush Fem?

Largely driven with spiciness, inhaling this weed will amaze you with such a citric lemon blast that probably comes from the supposed OG Kush bloodline as well as being a helpful refreshment for the taste receptors – sometimes noted to be one of the tastiest smoke. Kosher Kush Ef strain is a phenomenal portrayal of how every good kush seeks for. This award-winning cannabis strain is 100% pure Indica and is incredibly powerful because it averages 25-29% Levels of THC. Almost instantly, each hit results in a warm, fuzzy body sense that feels as strong as you take dabs. The impacts are a sleep-inducing and hard-hitting sedative that usually lasts for 3-4 hours and can sometimes cause you to feel drowsy in the morning.

How to Grow Kosher Kush Fem

Kosher Kush Fem strain is quite tall for an Indica strain, exceeding 6 feet when left on its own. To handle its height, you could even FIM or top the plant and increase the production of its. But for its bushy leaves, take away unnecessary lower branches and fan leaves for better light penetration and airflow. Kosher Kush Fem strain needs heavy feeding and nutrients to achieve its full potential. And it also requires a dry, warm environment to avoid moisture buildup and pathogen threats. The great news would be that the plant’s huge bud-to-leaf ratio helps make drying and healing times easy. Kosher Kush Fem strain does well in Green Sea (SOG) and Green Screen (ScrOG) setups when grown indoors. Create an excellent room by keeping growing area temperatures around 70 and 79°F. If everything ends up well, after 9 to 10 weeks of blooming, you can achieve success at 1.47 to 1.8 ounces for every square foot. Kosher Kush Fem strain needs a coherent, sunny setup outdoors, favoring the Mediterranean climate of places such as  Australia, California, North Africa, and Southern Europe. With proper feeding, plenty of sun, and a slight breeze, every plant could produce up to 17 oz of buds.