King’s Bread Autoflower 5 Pack


This is the ultimate connoisseur’s delight. Hailing from Jamaican Blue Mountains, King’s Bread also called King’s Breath, is a mellow smoker’s fantasy. This stunning cityscape can leave you feeling extremely relaxed and tranquil. We don’t know anything about King’s Bread marijuana strain, and it’s hard to track its ancestry. This indicates that these cylindrical buds are descendants of strains with a whopping 21% of THC, giving the idea that its parents may be of legendary potency. These herbs are citrusy, minty, and cheesy to be repeated as part of this strain’s taste profile.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of King’s Bread Autoflowering Strain?

King’s Bread Auto weed strain will first hit you with a lemony taste; you will feel like you are gently rocked or softly hit on one’s head, similar to a very mild wave happening at a beach. After smoking the strain, your body will fall into a full state of relaxation, which will make you more alert, and as you continue to smoke, your state of alertness will continue to increase. Passing from the comedown of your joint, a mellow euphoria kicks in,  a mellow euphoria kicks in. You relax and let the bad feelings process through the body. Though this strain gives you a completeness feel and uplifts your mood and ideas, it’s not known to cause drowsiness or lack of coordination ability, allowing you to breeze through your to-do list in a very efficient manner.

How to Grow King’s Bread Autoflowering Cannabis Seed?

This is an experience to cultivate. Kings Bread cannabis strain enjoys a hot and equatorial outside atmosphere, so if you can’t have that, it will be easier to transfer it into a well-ventilated, air-conditioned indoor environment. Mind that you would need ample room for these plants. This auto marijuana strain will take about 9 to 10 weeks to be mature and ready for plucking. You can hope to harvest a significant yield of 14 ounces of healthy and new cannabis per square meter.