Killer Queen XX Fem (9-Pack)


Killer Queen by Brothers Grimm Seeds is a feminized cannabis seed that has its origin in the union of an Airborne clone G13 and a male of Cinderella 99. It is a cannabis strain with a 100% winning genetics that combines potential, exceptional yield, quality resin, strength and taste. Killer Queen has the appearance of a thick bush full of branches. This marijuana plant does not reach much height but is filled with buds that reach a lot of weight, which usually entails the placement of tutors to prevent the branches from bending. Killer Queen smells and tastes of tropical fruits and cherry, which means a fresh, sweet and tropical bath, with every puff. And all this, accompanied by a powerful and joyful effect, is a true pleasure that transports you to a world of well-being for the mind and the senses.

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