Juicy Fruit Autoflower 5 Pack


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Juicy Fruit provides you with citrus and a fresh flavor blend. Since it’s comparable to a chilled pineapple drink on a sunny tropical island, just a gulp of this out-of-this-world juiciness brings you to a sun-kissed resort.

Furthermore, it includes a diverse variety of effects that will take you to a ride of any kind of high. The best factor is the flavors and buzz that last for a long time, making you feel as if you have always found happiness during this beautiful and fulfilling life.

Origin Of Juicy Fruit Autoflower Seeds

Juicy Fruit’s background lineage came from two genotypes; the Thai Sativa Landrace, known for its solid and cerebral high, and the Afghani Indica landrace, indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountain region in Afghanistan. The Afghani will have a soothing impact on the whole body, creating a comfortable and relaxed mood. Juicy Fruit features a potent combination of well-balanced effects, with each the Thai Sativa’s mentally calming buzz and the Afghani landrace’s physically soothing kind of high.

Effects Of Juicy Fruit Autoflower Seeds

The Juicy Fruit influences each Indica and Sativa landrace. As already stated, it begins with an invigorating Sativa high that lifts the spirits and stimulates clarity of thought and a creative mentality.

Simultaneously, it energizes the subconscious, increasing the potency and the socialization. However, as the high persists, the Indica effects will generate a whole body soothing effect. This effects calms your entire well-being without sedatives or hindering your ability to function. Generally speaking, it helps you feel a lot more energetic while still making you feel serene and comfortable.

Medical Uses Of Juicy Fruit Autoflower Seeds

Juicy Fruit is an ideal strain for medication because it has a strong balance of Indica and Sativa effects. Thanks to its strong Indica influence, it can be used to relieve discomfort. It can also be used to alleviate soreness, muscle aches, and cramps. Since it’s a soothing strain, it will help with all the harmful stresses and relieve pains.

Due to its Sativa effects, Juicy Fruit is beneficial to treat depression because of its uplifting high. This strain is an energy booster that is suitable for relieving body pain, fatigue, and muscle pain.

Taste And Aroma Of Juicy Fruit Autoflower Seeds

The mixture of a sweet smell and a juicy taste is one of this uplifting strain’s unique characteristics. The aromatic perfume is loaded with a sweet fruity fragrance that smells like fresh pineapple. Its aroma is similar to juicy fruits and berries. Lemons and pineapples come right away to the mind as I have thought of sweetness. The best effect is that the taste remains on your tongue for a long time, making your mouth lingers to the delicious fruity characteristics of this strain.

Growing Juicy Fruit Autoflower Seeds

Juicy Fruit is an easy strain to grow, making it ideal for novice growers. These marijuana seeds are low maintenance and don’t need an ample amount of nutrients as long you provide the proper growing method. This strain grows well indoors and outdoors when thriving in a warm, wet, and sem-humid climate. Juicy Fruit marijuana flowers in just 8 to 9 weeks and ready to harvest. This easy-growing weed strain can produce a large yield both indoor and outdoors.

Juicy Fruit Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Indoor/Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica / 30% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis
Effect: Body High
THC: Medium 20%
CBD: 1.2%
Country: USA
Yield: Up to 200 grams indoor / 250 grams outdoors
Genetics: Afghani Indica + Thai Sativa