Jelly Bean 5 Pack


At 60%, Jelly Bean is mildly Sativa-dominant. This strain was bred from the strains of Space Queen and Orange Velvet. It obtains a taste that is delightfully fruity. Jelly Bean Feminized takes 9 to 10 weeks to flower when grown Indoors, yielding around 225 grams per plant. In the northern hemisphere, when cultivated outdoor growers can harvest their plants in late September, for each plant providing approximately 340 grams. Jelly Bean is pervaded by mouth-watering flavors of sweet mango and orange.



What are the Flavor and Effects Jelly Bean Feminized?

This herb leans strongly towards Sativa with a distinct fruity aftertaste and orange flavor. Midway through, you’re going to begin feeling the Indica, which has a 40 percent content. This pressure, as per smokers, induces a tingling sensation in the body and the high it offers is mild and doesn’t get the activities in the way. This offspring of the Space Queen is implemented as a ‘daytime’ strain by most pot smokers and medical cannabis patients.

How to Grow Jelly Bean Feminized

Even for beginners, growing these seeds is very simple. The plant can please everyone with its pretty flowers with intense orange hair if taken care of properly. A screen of green and a sea of green is the required growing techniques. Jilly Bean Feminized seeds, with a lemony scent, can grow into a small bush. Top the stems if you want them to grow thick. Because the herb is prone to mold formation, make sure to avoid moisture, particularly if you grow it outdoors. The month for harvesting in October. For indoor growing, the flowering period is from 8-9 weeks. If you’d like to cultivate your ideal daytime cannabis, purchase Jilly Bean Feminized.