Hindu Kush 5 Pack


Hindu Kush Feminized is a classic, pure Indica strain with compact development, robust nature, and a short flowering period. Perfect for newbies as well. The Hindu Kush, a distant location in the mountainous region around Pakistan and Afghanistan, is the source of this original, pure indica. This classic variety of strain owes a set of attributes towards its origins in the mountain ranges that are useful to growers. The dense coat of trichomes protects the plant from the breeze and bad weather. Perfect weed is produced by white, glowing trichomes. Pure as kief, and they could also be enjoyed. Plants that are grown from Hindu Kush Feminized seeds are molds and disease resistant. The excellent sustainability in inadequate growing conditions or varying temperatures is loved by newbies.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of the Hindu Kush Feminized?

The Hindu Kush Feminized draws an unbelievably relaxing sense of peace. The sometimes undesirable couch-lock impact of the classic effect of Indica strains is reported by only a few users. Expect an aroma that is very unique. It’s a mixture of traditional Afghan notes and aromatic woods. The Hindu Kush Feminized is based on several other hybrids, however, the distinctive flavor of sandalwood stays exceptional. At the beginning of its flowering period, there seems to be a sweet note, that, after buds reach maturity, is changed into a flavorsome that is clearly identifiable to enthusiasts.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hindu Kush Feminized?

Hindu Kush Feminized is famous for medical cannabis dispensaries and is widely recommended to cure and manage certain conditions and illnesses. Depression, stress, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, pain, lack of appetite, and aches like migraines, muscle spasms, and joint pain could be relieved and cured. This strain is perfect for medical marijuana users with severe cases of chronic stress.  With a CBD level of 0.50 percent, Hindu Kush Feminized is a 100% Indica, giving this the control to strongly relax the mind and body. Accurate stints of peaceful and calm states of mind will be experienced by regular consumers. Hindu Kush Feminized, both in the body and in the mind, puts the user in a major state of relaxation. You are quickly relieved of anxious feelings after just one touch, allowing your mind to fully scale back. For those who have a difficult time falling asleep at night, like insomnia patients, it makes it the ideal strain. In some cases, Hindu Kush Feminized combats different pain conditions, completely relieving the pain. For the consumers, this leads to greater moods completely. Also, it helps relieve nausea, whilst also causing the munchies to be given to the consumer. Thus, cancer patients experiencing loss of appetite and nausea because of the radiation and chemotherapy treatments are advised.

How to Grow Hindu Kush Feminized

Hindu Kush Feminized strains produce plants with such a short planting period and medium yields, with compact development. Yields may be even greater in the right hands or given a bigger growth stage. Developed in a temperate climate, the plants achieve remarkable heights given a long summer. In the flowering period, these marijuana strains produce strong, short branches with heavy buds that rapidly grow larger. These strains hold a great deal of their energy in the core cola. For cultivation techniques like Lollipopping or Sea of Green (SOG), this growth rate gives them an advantage.