Grape Ape 5 Pack


Grape Ape Feminized is a pure, 100% indica marijuana strain that has been able to blow the minds of countless marijuana smokers out there. With one of the most premium lineages that makes use of strains fit for royalty, one could say that Grape Ape was always destined for greatness! It is the result of blending in some classicSkunkandAfghaniwith the luxuriousMendocino Purps. Honestly, can it really get any better than that?The Grape Ape Feminized takes all the cerebral-hitting qualities of all its parents and elevates it to a whole new level. Making use of its 23% THC level to full effect, Grape Ape induces an extremely tranquilizing high that mellows down your body and keeps it under a completely relaxed state! Of course, all of these are complimented greatly by the strong and captivating notes of grapes and berries!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Grape Ape Feminized?

The fruity and vibrant mix of terpenes and flavors make Grape Ape a strain that will appeal to most taste-particular smokers out there. As it is called Grape Ape, you will undoubtedly trace potent hints of grapes and berries in there. This is all blended together with a nice, spicy profile which gives it a delicious aftertaste that isn’t overly potent!

Despite being a pure indica in nature, you will still get some very euphoric and happy vibes from this Grape Ape Feminized strain. The strain kicks things off by producing vibrant buzzs in your head. As things start getting really dreamy, the effects place a buzzing of pure relaxation and bliss in your body. It will then seem much harder to move around as the smoke tranquilizes you and you will only want to spend the rest of the night sleeping.

One other property that Grape Ape brings is that it is a great stimulator for your hunger. As such, make sure you will have some snacks ready in case of the munchies!

How to Grow Grape Ape Feminized

The first thing that you will notice from Grape Ape is the extremely small structure that it has, even in its most mature form. Furthermore, the deep and dark shades of green mixed with purple hues will certainly give it an advantage in terms of appearance! Grape Ape is perfect for indoor and outdoor growing, thanks to its small size. As you will be able to properly trim and top the colas without exerting much effort, Grape Ape is sure to be one of your most convenient grows ever!

The Grape Ape Feminized seeds absorb and take in nutrients very well. This makes it ideal for even hydroponic setups, which is usually reserved for more robust plants! You can get pretty decent yields out of Grape Ape Feminized seeds. Around 350 to 500 grams could be expected for indoor and outdoor gardens but this can be boosted with various training techniques. Flowering for this strain may take roughly around 7 to 8 weeks.