Gelato48 5 Pack


Gelato 48 cannabis strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that is made famous for its amazingly delicious flavors and the powerful effects it provides to its users. Its Indica to Sativa ratio was measured at 55% Indica to 45% Sativa so expect an almost balanced combination of effects this strain will offer to its users. Its THC levels range from 20% to 25%. The high volume of THC in this weed will usher an insanely high potency of mental and physical highs that will delight its consumers. Its impressive genetic lineage of crossing the intoxicating Sunset Sherbet and the potently balanced phenotype Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, will provide the users with an array of mixed highs that both recreational and medical cannabis users would adore!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Gelato 48 (fem)

Gelato 48 Effects hits fast and hard. There are times that even before the first smoke is exhaled, a buzzing effect will already be felt by the user. Disorientation and confusion is a common effect to take place at the onset as the powerful Sativa head rush needs time to settle down before the users get used to the initial effect. It ushers in a euphoric head high that is mixed with an uplift in moods and emotions. As soon as the energy-boosting effects settle, some psychedelic effects will take place as visual and auditory senses will appear as distorted. As these hallucinogenic highs are taking palace, a rush or warm waves of spine-tingling sensations will envelop the user’s entire body and pave the way for full-body sedation. This deeply tranquilizing effect slows down the energy-filled cerebral high but will still give the users the ability to be mobile and alert. Overall, this weed is best consumed later in the day or early evening when no other activities are planned.

The pungent aroma of Gelato 48 will let people inside the room know that a jar has been opened and is ready to be lit. The aroma can be so strong that it is always recommended to have proper ventilating equipment in the grow room to vent away the strong pungent aroma. This also can be a  problem when the cultivator decides to grow them outdoors as its stone scent will easily carry onto the neighbor’s houses. Its sweet and fruity pungent aroma is initially noted with strong hints of a strong earthy scent present in the background. Once these buds are lit, be sure to be discreetly hidden from the public as the pungency is enhanced. Strong flavors of earthy goodness blending in with fruity flavors are very pronounced and hints of blueberry and citrus come in as an aftertaste.

How to Grow Gelato 48 (fem)

Seeds of this weed are not commercially available making this quite rare in the cannabis market. Those lucky enough to find mature plants of this strain can ask the grower for some healthy clipping for cloning. Once obtained, they are not the easiest to grow. Although they can be grown indoors or outdoors, it is recommended to grow them indoors where a controlled setup is better. They consistently need warm temperatures and humid conditions to thrive. so indoor growers must keep a close eye on grow room conditions to keep this constant. Exposing the plant to cooler nighttime temps a few days before it starts to flower will bring out the purple coloration of the plant and increase the plant potency. Keeping them this way will make them thrive and be happy. They will start flowering and be ready for harvest in 8 to  9 weeks and yield a rewarding above-average yield!