Galaxy Autoflower 5 Pack


An excellent hybrid cannabis strain, the Galaxy Auto is an Indica-dominant that is the result of crossbreeding powerful strains, which are the Northern Lights and Afghani, with a Ruderalis strain thrown in the mix to make this an autoflowering variety. It is a short-flowering, highly-productive plant that produces dense buds that are drenched in crystal-colored resin.Its high THC levels make it a powerful Indica that can be enjoyed by any type of marijuana user. Furthermore, the clashing of the genetics of its parent strains gives it very pleasant aromas and flavors. And given its heritage and parents, this autoflowering herb sure does a good job in providing effects that will make you feel like you’re traveling through the universe.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Galaxy Auto?

Galaxy Auto marijuana strain carries strong yet delicious flavors and scents that make everything around the environment seem fresh. It has scents like that of forest and pine with subtle tones of skunk. The taste however is sweet but quite strong on the nose, just like the original version, with undeniable notes of pine and very distinct mint flavors.

Its THC production is quite high, providing very strong and lasting effects. The high starts with strong cerebral euphoria that uplifts the spirit and energizes the mind, which is described as a kind of deep space high. Moreover, the name of this strain justifies the high, letting users experience that effect that makes them feel like they’re floating in space. Also, it can induce happy feelings and prompt laughter. As the head high slowly begins to settle completely, an Indica body buzz follows. The strain delivers utter relaxation that is long-lasting and powerful.

How to Grow Galaxy Auto?

When it comes to growing Galaxy Auto, it is quite easy to cultivate. Plus, it is considered to be one of the most productive autoflowering strains that produce great yields. It finishes early within just 7-8 weeks while it demonstrates energetic and fast growth, thanks to its autoflowering quality.

It usually grows just short but produces very hefty buds that will be needing support to prevent the branches from snapping under the weight of all the buds. The plant also thrives well in both an indoor and outdoor setting due to its natural resistance to mold, fungus, and pests. . In addition, it generates medium-sized yields which can be harvested around September.