Elephant Autoflower 5 Pack


The Elephant Auto Marijuana is a sativa-dominant strain with 15% THC content. This strain is quite potent, and it lives up to its name. The buds look merely huge. Another thing that sets it aside from other crowds is its giant cola. It is one of the best strains that have hit the market. The buds of the nugs are always dark green, but they also possess golden hairs. The smell is sour but is sweet on the taste.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Elephant Auto Strain?

The taste is not different from the unpleasant smell. The Elephant auto strain is citrusy, and there are candied aromas as well as spices. The high lasts for at least two hours before collapsing. You will notice the cognitive and emotional effects of marijuana at the onset. It offers the best buzz and lets you remain focused during the day while allowing your mind to stay calm as well.

How to Grow Elephant Autoflower?

This top-quality auto Sativa descendant would meet the needs of cultivators and smokers in several respects. Elephant Auto cannabis seed would transform into a 60-120cm-height plant outside the home, rendering it more conducive to urban commercial growth. This strain may be fitting into several locations. She carries high yields, indicating 170g or more from indoor plants and over 250g for outdoor plants. The most significant benefit of beginning with autoflowering plants is that it is simple to bring together a light strategy.