Electric Berry 5 Pack


Electric Berry marijuana strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that can be very potent especially for new cannabis smokers. Coming from an unknown lineage this weed has an 0/20 Indica to Satia ratio and can explode with a euphoric high and a deeply tranquilizing effect due to its high psychoactive properties. With a THC that maxes out at 26%, mental and physical highs from this weed combined with its Berry and earthy flavor is a blast for all recreational and medical cannabis enthusiasts!

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Electric Berry (fem)

Electric Berry cannabis strain effects are like riding a wave that starts up and goes down in a smooth, rolling way. At the onset, a mind buzzing high sends the user into a euphoric and focused high. A genuine feeling of happiness and motivation fills the user’s mind. This mental stimulation is so inspiring that it is best to get your tasks done right at that time while the indica effects haven’t started to kick in. Then as time passes and the user is completely enjoying the cerebral happiness, a warm sensation tingles the nape and spine sending goosebumps all over the body. Suddenly they find themselves in a completely relaxed state where the muscles and limbs loosen up. As it heightens a lethargic feeling overwhelms the user and the urge to head over to the nearest comfortable spot will unconsciously bring them there. This couch-locked state is very dreamy and sedating and it is the best time to be introspective. Eventually, users are lulled into a deep, undisturbed slumber. It is this heavy narcotic effect that makes this weed a good nighttime smoke.

What you smell is what you taste, And it is not disappointing at all. The Electric Berry is full of sweet berry and fruity scents that are balanced out by a slight note of earthiness. As the bud is lit, the berry and earthy flavors intensify and the creamy smoke enters the mouth smoothly without any gagging feeling. As it is exhaled, a touch of spicy notes touches the tongue as an aftertaste.

How to Grow Electric Berry (fem)

Growing Electric Berry feminized weed strains may need a little cannabis cultivation experience when attempting to grow them. Just for the fact that mold and mildew development may occur, they need to be in semi-humid to dry weather conditions. Once molds attack the plant they can be very risky and may ruin the entire cropping. Keeping the humidity levels around 60% during its vegetative stage would be ideal and once it starts to flower, keep RH to around 45% to keep excess water vapor out. Investing in some good ventilating equipment and a dehumidifier would greatly help indoors growers. For outdoor growers, investing in a couple of outdoor fans would help promote air circulation and reduce risks of mold formation. They will start flowering in 7 to 9 weeks and yield an average amount of weed.