Dwarf King 5 Pack


The Dwarf King Fem has a well-known reputation for delivering an effective high regardless of its moderate THC level, having potency as not its strongest suit. And as its name suggests, this is obviously a short cannabis plant in a feminized version. Thanks to its Ruderalis genetics, Dwarf King Fem matures and finishes its flowering period earlier. However, what is strong is its delicious aroma and flavor profile of pine, citrus, and earth with similar flavors to match, making it great as a dessert type of strain. Dwarf King Fem may not be the most powerful strain out there but it is highly delightful and satisfying and at the same time producing benefits that are truly exceptional.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Dwarf King Fem?

What makes Dwarf King Fem well-loved by users is its strong flavors and aromas. It only takes a few seconds for this strain to become evident when smoked or combusted. The strain’s aroma sets the palate up finely for its taste. It delivers a combination of pine, citrus, and earthy tones with subtle hints of wood. Moreover, it has a bit of skunky and pungent undertones. As for its taste, the citrus and pine tones with a slight touch of wood are evident upon exhalation.

Though its THC content is considered moderate by modern-day standards, this hybrid strain has surprisingly mild to potent effects. It provides extremely relaxing effects that can be felt throughout the body from head-to-toe. The high is often described as more physical than cerebral. But users will also experience that euphoric bliss, letting creativity and happiness flow. After that, it is best to stay close to the nearest bed or couch as the strain can induce feelings of sleepiness.

How to Grow Dwarf King Fem?

The Dwarf King Fem has bright green nugs that are coated in thick white trichomes, making it seem as if it’s super strong at first glance. This cannabis plant with trichome-coated buds is loved by impatient growers since it only takes 8-10 weeks to finish its flowering cycle. In addition, it is relatively easy to grow and can produce multiple yields per year.

It can thrive well in both indoor and outdoor settings. As it is only a short plant, it grows fairly well indoors and can even fit in a closet, thanks to its size and height. Its tight bud structure can do well without pruning and trimming. Even though it is a small cannabis plant, it produces yields that are quite sizeable for its size. Outdoors, it needs plenty of light to survive. That’s why it is wll-suited for sunny and warm conditions. Dwarf King Fem can be grown using a hydroponics setup or just planting it directly in organic soil.