Double Scoop 5 Pack


The Double Scoop Feminized strain is a cross between Sherbet and Titty Sprinkles. This strain has a sweet, fruity flavor. Those who consume this strain will feel stoned, which is both calming to the mind and body. The Double Scoop Feminized strain matures into a medium-sized plant with orange pistils, green leaves, and dense nugs coated in thick trichome layers. The plants may develop in any environment and generate medium to high yields in 8 to 9 weeks. Growing the seeds is a medium-level challenge that may require some experience.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Double-Scoop Feminized?

The Double Scoop has a fruity flavor, of this strain will make you salivate. Every inhale from it will be a sweet, delectable pleasure. Before a creeping physical relaxation takes over, consumers will feel pleasant and calm in their minds. Because it might induce sleep, this strain is best consumed at the end of the day. This marijuana strain has mainly indica effects, although it does have some sativa effects as well. Expect to encounter a slight pressure on your head and a mild cerebral rush after consuming this strain. In addition, it gives the user a feeling of euphoria and motivation by stimulating their imagination.

How to Grow Double-Scoop Feminized Cannabis Seeds

When grown under ideal conditions, the Double-Scoop feminized strain produces a medium to large yield. These plants can be cultivated both inside and outside. Growing this strain may be a little difficult for new growers, but it will be a breeze for seasoned users. The seeds will grow into medium-sized plants with green leaves, orange hairs, and heavy buds covered in sweet trichomes in approximately 8 to 9 weeks.
Various LST techniques that can minimize vertical growth and give an even layer of buds would benefit this strain. We would suggest using a Screen of Green as the best option. Always provide plenty of space between the plants wherever you decide to grow them. We recommend defoliating leaves once the foliage becomes too thick to ensure optimal light absorption before harvesting.