Critical Fast Bud Autoflower 5 Pack


Try the award-winning Critical Fast Bud auto. This is a balanced automatic hybrid cannabis strain and a recipient of different awards as the top prize. It grows easy indoors or outdoors as long as the environment has a warm Mediterranean climate. It grows compact with many branches, and thus, regular pruning is needed.

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More About Critical Fast Bud Autoflower

The Versatile Strain

Critical Fast Bud Autoflower is one of the fastest auto-flowering strains in the world. With only 6 to 8 weeks from germination to harvest, this is a strain that breeders will surely love. The plant thrives in any climate condition and works well with a limited amount of space while still being able to deliver tremendous amounts of yield.

Thanks to its contrasting yet complimenting parent strains, Critical Fast Bud Autoflower produces a sweet aroma with diesel undertones and an earthy flavor with hints of honey sweetness. This potent strain is best for medical marijuana users due to its strong body effects. People living with chronic pain and sleep disorders will find relief with the help of this strain. An excellent strain to smoke during the early hours of the evening due to its slow gestating effects, this weed creates a warm fuzzy buzz that results in a couch-lock experience.

If you are a grower in search of a fast-growing plant, then this is the strain perfect for you.