Cream Candy Autoflower 5 Pack


Stay calm and focused on the relaxing effects of Cream Candy Autoflower. This hybrid has body-centric effects that can reduce conditions like migraines arthritis, glaucoma, and other types of pain. You can smoke this in the evening and get rid of anxiety, stress, and will also help you fall asleep.

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More About Cream Candy Autoflower

Sweet and Calming

Cream Candy Autoflower is touted as a powerful medical marijuana due to its potent medicinal effects. The herb continues to grow in popularity with its body-centered effects that alleviate pain and is very effective against arthritis, migraines, and glaucoma. This is a cross between White Rhino, Blue Black, and Maple Leaf. When you smoke this Indica heavy strain, it leaves creamy vanilla after taste.

This auto-flowering variety is a cross between an Indica and Ruderalis breed that enables good amounts of buds and resin within a minimal time. Highly suited for indoor growth using the Sea of Green technique, Cream Candy Autoflower offers high THC levels that users yearn for.

This weed is ideal for evening use when you want to lie on the couch and catch up on your favorite TV show or simply lie down and enjoy the night sky. A highly tasty and aromatic breed, this strain produces a relaxing and pleasant feeling and is recommended for novice users and growers.