Cola Kush Fast Version 5 Pack


Originally created by Dutch Passion, the Cola Kush Fast Version is formerly developed for outdoor cultivation. It is the result of a three-way cross between Sativas, namely the Brazilian, Dutch, and Thai strains. This Sativa-dominant strain boasts a comparatively low average THC level of around 7-8% and quite a high CBD level that ranges from 2-3% on average. The strain may have a rather mild nature, it still manages to bring users the best of both worlds. It provides an intense and pleasing relaxation that is both physical and mental, which is there to stay for long. Moreover, the weed boasts dank and citrus flavors and aromas. And as a fast version, it matures quite quickly. All these qualities of the Cola Kush Fast Version make it very appealing to cannabis novice and connoisseurs.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Cola Kush Fast Version?

Cola Kush Fast Version buds have deliciously sharp aromas and flavors. When combusted, it releases pungent scents of freshly cut grass with strong earthy notes. The taste, however, has some minor differences from its aroma. Its flavors are that of citrus but have some sweetness in them. There are also tones of skunky grass and hints of earth thrown into the mix.

This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain has relatively low THC levels but it still produces effects that are quite impactful. It is known to start with an instantly uplifting and euphoric head high that leaves users feeling happy and giggly which makes it an ideal social strain. Also, it keeps the mind completely functional, enabling users to go about their daily activities. The mental high is then accompanied by a smooth and relaxing body buzz that can cause slight sedation and a serious bout of relaxation. In addition, the Cola Kush Fast Version can be a daytime strain and is recommended for beginners and expert users alike. It can also be great for evening use before dozing off.

How to Grow Cola Kush Fast Version?

Cola Kush Fast Version is a good choice for those growers who are new to cannabis. It is safe to say that growing this strain can be pretty easy to do. The cannabis plant is compact and resilient and can be grown indoors or outdoors. But it was originally developed for outdoor cultivation. It thrives in well-lit, sunny, and temperate conditions. Thanks to the plant being a fast version, it only has a particularly short flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks. The right amount of nutrients and fertilizer should be used for these plants and overfeeding them is a definite no. Under optimal conditions, yields of up to 400-600G can be expected.