Church OG Autoflower 5 Pack


With its good fragrance and calming effects, Church OG Autoflower is a favorite among marijuana connoisseurs. It is known to be an ideal medical strain because it can cure many issues relating to mental and physical well-being which are otherwise hard in a conventional context. Church OG Autoflower is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, noted for its dark green shaded leaves with some orange and purple hair. This cannabis strain is easy to grow even for newbies because it is extremely resistant to molding and therefore can yield abundant harvest if happy. This bud is the offspring of the renowned breed OG Kush and God’s Gift and contains a THC level that reaches 19%. Church OG Autoflower is one of the best medicinal strains today, which can cure a long list of chronic problems that are typically difficult to manage.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Church OG Autoflower?

Church OG Autoflower has aromas that could begin as just a sweet pine in the mouth, evolving into citrus and herbal taste on inhale. On the exhalation you will taste a spicy lemon that could make your tongue feel tingling, leaving a taste mark on your lips. Church OG Autoflower is really soothing, and its effects smoothly and slowly give you time to adapt and enjoy the moment. It is also best enjoyed at night to top off your night and give you a good feeling of loosening that will make you feel content. This cannabis strain is all about feeling positive and happy, and you’ll have a difficult time avoiding the positive energy you’ll feel during the process. Church OG Autoflower can inspire you to talk to other people who have positive vibes to spread, feeling giggly, outgoing, and more sociable than normal. Church OG Autoflower will leave you feeling euphoric and you’ll soon laugh with others around you. This pressure would make you sleepy when your eyes begin to feel heavy. If you’d like a mood boost, this cannabis strain is perfect for you, because it will motivate you to ignore all your concerns.

What are the Medical Benefits of Church OG Autoflower?

Church OG Autoflower is a very useful medical cannabis strain, particularly for chronic diseases. It is most widely used to treat chronic insomnia, particularly in extreme cases, and has shown that patients appear to react well towards its effect due to the relaxing state it creates. This cannabis strain will cure chronic stress, making it much easier for patients to be clear-eyed and far less weighted to purchase whatever plagues them. Church OG Autoflower is also used to treat chronic pain because it can alleviate symptoms of all those struggling to deal with muscle spasms and migraines. Church OG Autoflower is ideal for cancer patients since it can minimize nausea, that is after-effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Therefore, this cannabis strain will increase appetite, enabling them to eat food at a usual level, speeding their recovery process.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Church OG Autoflower

Because of its potency, Church OG Autoflower may have some serious side effects, and if you are not used to consuming this particular bud, you could feel somewhat suspicious at high. This cannabis hybrid can also leave you feeling somewhat dizzy as you feel somewhat dehydrated. So if smoking this herb, the most typical adverse reaction is that you may notice yours is cottonmouth, making you feel thirsty. Church OG Autoflower may also make your eyes feel dry and irritated, and you can feel slightly nervous, particularly if you are a smoker.

How to Grow Church OG Autoflower?

Church OG Autoflower can be easily grown, making it ideal for both seasoned and inexperienced growers to grow. This cannabis strain is a tall plant with an average THC content of around 19%. Church OG Autoflower can be expected to yield an amount of 14 ounces for every square meter planted and therefore should take around 8-9 weeks to complete flowering and also be ready for harvesting when grown indoors. Church OG Autoflower should be ready to be harvested about mid-October, with such an average yield of around 17 ounces per plant when grown outdoors.