Cherry Kush Autoflower 5 Pack


Do you like pies? If you are a fan of this pastry, this type of strain might entice your taste buds. Indeed, the Indica dominant strain Cherry Kush is often called a cherry pie, but this type of marijuana has a distinct charm, scent, and wonderful advantages. On a negative note, the pie may be sweeter enough to push you into a sugar rush and diabetes, not to mention, and we do not want that. This strong strain takes you to a cerebral level that makes you feel uplifted, glad, and completely comfortable. And that makes it a major strain of weed for social activities and celebrations. Use this strain for your mates, and you certainly experience the breeze with excitement and giggles and happiness everywhere you are.This marijuana is also incorrectly named Cherry Pie in California, and some consider Cherry Pie and Cherry Kush to be the same.Cherry Kush Marijuana has a separate parents’ community when tracing her origins,  F1 Durban crossed with Grand Daddy Purple. Cherry Kush strain, a solid hybrid dominated by Indica, is a combination of Purple Afghani X OG Kush. If you tell, they are both different strains.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Cherry Kush Strain?

This variety is one of the finest prescription cannabis to sample. It’s not only fluid, but it also has an agreeable, sweet, and fruity cherry flavor. In certain instances, possibly because of the crop’s consistency or other reasons, a residue of citrus might even arrive. Though more or less mentally stable, smokers might be least likely to go out of the door to busy errands at this point. Instead, appreciate the later benefits of this bud while you sit back for a binge viewing session or a snack with mates like you. Since it steadily falls from excitement to lazy relief, Cherry Kush weed strain is suggested between late afternoon and early afternoon for consumption.

How to Grow Cherry Kush Cannabis Seed?

You can cultivate Cherry Kush cannabis indoors or outdoors, but outdoor performance calls for a warm environment with regular temperatures of between 70° and 80°F. Plants appear to be low and bushy and will need to be pruned at times. Grower’s hue can expose their seeds, just before the start of flowering, to night-time temperatures of 10-15 degrees below normal—Cherry Kush strain flowers indoors within 8 to 9 weeks.