Cherry Blossom 5 Pack


Cherry Blossom (fem) is an Indica-dominant strain that has a ratio of 70% Indica to 30% Sativa. This was said to be created in the pacific northwest, where it is widely available there. It has trickled down to other states like California and Colorado. It is a rare type of strain that is not even sold on the black market. This strain is not recommended for beginners as it will give a powerful mind and body high that will surely leave users glued to their couch. This makes Cherry Blossom strain a favorite for those who have tried it both recreationally and medically. This weed is recommended to be consumed at night as you are going nowhere once you have tried this cannabis strain.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Cherry Blossom (fem)

At the onset, the user will feel a strong cerebral high and a body buzzing whole body high. It is a slow-acting weed so take precaution when taking doses of this cannabis as you won’t realize you are high until the effects are in full effect. It will slowly target your limbs and a feeling of feathery lightness will take effect, completely relaxing both the body and mind. The strain will be in full effect once your head feels the same feathery lightness as your body. This will bring inner peace to your self and an admirable disposition is also evident. With a THC level that averages at 27%. This strain will unknowingly take the user to the couch and remain there the rest of the high. Some purists have considered the Cherry Blossom (fem) as a lightweight, this strain deserves a rightful place among the lightweights with its aromas and flavors.

Cherry Blossom (fem) has a very sweet cherry scent which is most probably why this strain was named as such. Strong hints of berries and fruits are also evident when you smell this weed. As for its taste, The strong berry flavor will make its presence felt mixed in with sweet cherries and a pine flavor will come as an after taste and linger in the user’s mouth as he exhales.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cherry Blossom (fem)?

Cherry Blossom (fem) being a hybrid offers a variety of medicinal value to those who plan on consuming this weed for medicinal purposes. The cerebral high of mood upliftment plus euphoria is a great way to treat medical cannabis patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. As the patient’s mood is uplifted a feeling of contentment and happiness prevails in the patients’ minds and thoughts of negativity are quickly forgotten.

The highly sedating effect of Cherry Blossom (fem) is used by patients suffering from chronic pain and other pain-related disorders such as joint pains and inflammation. Since this stain fully relaxes both the mind and body, this clears the way for the patient to get a restful sleep. Insomnia looks to this strain to do just that and they wake up feeling energized and refreshed the following day.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cherry Blossom (fem)

The common effect of this strain is that it causes dry and red eyes. Cottonmouth, or having a dry mouth and a feeling of dehydration are also felt when taking this weed.

How to Grow Cherry Blossom (fem)

There are no documented reports about growing this weed. But since this is an Indica dominant hybrid, their appearance will be short and bushy, as with other Sativa-dominant hybrids. This will need pruning of the lower leaves as a bushy plant needs help in air circulation and light to penetrate the plant. As with most Sativa-dominant plants, Cherry Blossom (fem) needs a warm, humid, and sunny climate for it to grow well. So indoor growing would be perfect as the growth can adjust growth requirements to make this plant happy.

As for outdoor growing, as long as your grow area has a warm, sunny, and humid climate, this weed will do well. It is said that this cannabis strain will start to flower and be ready for harvest in 8 to 11 weeks, but there is no info on the yields this plant produces