Cheese 5 Pack


Cheese Fem Strain is a well-balanced hybrid that has aged well and the offspring of two legendary strains Afghani and Skunk #1. Cheese Feminized Strain obtains an intense pungent cheese taste and aroma. This strain is an excellent smoke after a long day at work or when you are about to go to bed, thanks to its 18 percent THC quality that offers an excellent stress-relieving and strong sedating effect. Growing this cannabis strain is easy, but it can produce an average amount of yield of around 515 grams per plant when grown indoors and 1000 grams for every sq meter when grown outdoors.



Origin Of Cheese Feminized Strain

Cheese Feminized Strain was first discovered in the 1980s and has grown in popularity, thanks to its parent strain, Skunk #1. Skunk #1 strain was already a well-known strain at the time due to its fast-flowering characteristics and potent aroma. Cross Skunk #1 with the Afghani to produce Cheese Feminized Strain. The outcome was spectacular. Cheese Fem is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a delicious cheese aroma, rich-trichome buds, a slight tart flavor profile, and a mellow, soothing high. Cheese strains gained prominence after a group of famous UK growers developed the plant in 1988. The Netherlands and England, in particular.

Medical Benefits Of Cheese Feminized Strain

Cheese Feminized Strain has medical benefits, just like its parent strain. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of this cannabis strain are often used by medical marijuana patients suffering from body pain like arthritis, back pains, migraines, fibromyalgia, and inflammation. It can also help with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic stress. This cannabis strain can also induce munchies which are perfect for people suffering from loss of appetite or eating disorders. Cheese Feminized Strain can also help people with insomnia because of its sedative properties, stimulating restful sleep.

Taste And Aroma Of Cheese Feminized Strain

Cheese Feminized Strain has a strong aged cheddar cheese scent that could be overpowering. It also has some musky and dank undertones, which contribute to its pungency. This cannabis strain has a sweet taste of butter and earthiness with herbal overtones, though it could be stinky for newbie users. This stage for a delectable experience that many people will describe as a cheese-flavored strain. Cannabis connoisseurs consider this cannabis strain to be a mouthful experience that develops on you.

The aroma of this cannabis strain can only be identified as overpowering. Cheese Feminized got its name from its strong cheese taste and aroma profile. It has a strong earthy fragrance that is blended in with a cheddar-cheese-like aroma. This strain has a hint of herbal and sweetness notes and is sure to draw attention when it walks into a room.

Growing Info Of Cheese Feminized Seed

Cheese Fem Seed grows into a Sativa and Indica like structure. This cannabis strain has a short height just like an Indica strain which only reaches around 100-140 centimeters tall and produces Sativa-like foliage that is slender and stretched. Cheese Fem plant doesn’t need any help bringing its large yields by harvest season because this cannabis plant is quite durable. Since this plant could be picky, which is said to develop healthier and sustainable indoors due to a regulated climate. For example, keep temperatures around 64 to 79°F and the humidity around 40 to 50%. It is also said to react well to the soil and to the Screen of Green setup, which boosts productivity. Within a 7 to 9 week growing period, growers may expect a harvest of about 450-550 grams for every square meter. This cannabis strain produces a larger yield when grown outdoors. Cheese Fem is pest and mold resistant, and it is ready to be harvested in the mid of October. The strain’s yield is estimated to be about 21 ounces for every plant.

Cheese Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
Genetics Parents: Skunk # 1 x Afghani
Flowering Period: 7-9 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Temperate
Yield: 515G/M² indoor / up to 1000G per plant outdoor
Flavors: Butter, Cheese, Sweet, Earthy
THC Level: 18%
CBD Level: 0.73%
Height: 100-140CM
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate