Bubblegum Haze 5 Pack


Bubblegum Haze Feminized is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is known for its uniquely mouth-watering flavor profile. It is the offspring of the cross between crowd-favorite Bubblegum and Super Silver Haze strains. It offers the best of both parents, such as Super Silver Haze’s earthy citrus delight and Bubblegum’s sweet-candy goodness combined into one. With a THC level of around 16%, this strain’s effects are deeply potent and an all-rounder, hitting both mind and body with an invigorating yet relaxing high.Although Bubblegum Haze Feminized can be quite demanding to grow, growers will eventually get the hang of the plant’s needs. Besides, being a feminized strain makes things simpler for growers since they won’t have to bother weeding out male plants. However, growers won’t mind this strain’s difficulty because its immensely bountiful harvest will reward them more than they asked for.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Bubblegum Haze Feminized?

Bubblegum Haze Feminized fragrance is reminiscent of one’s childhood memories filled with sweet candy treats. Its candy flavor is more berry-like with tones of lemon citrus tang. Once smoked, users will definitely love the creamy taste that is exactly like the smell but with an earthiness to it. This overall treat is what makes this strain popular even for cannabis connoisseurs.

Meanwhile, this strain’s effects are surprisingly leaning to Indica despite being Sativa-dominant. As such, this strain is not ideal for morning use especially when there’s a lot of work to do. After the first whiff, a cerebral rush will instantly meet its users, filling them with energy and euphoria. This positive jolt to the mind also paves way for creative inspiration which is of great help for users inclined to artistic endeavors like composing or painting. The users are still active during the early phase of the high, but eventually, a physical buzz will start to creep in. Users should make sure that they’ve finished their urgent tasks because a relaxing sensation will then compel them to take a break and laze around.  This heavy-body feeling is still manageable and won’t lead to a couch-lock. They can still choose to move around and do some leisure activities, but not ones that require strenuous effort. As such, this strain is perfect for afternoon or evening use, wherein users are simply finishing their day’s task then prepping for later’s chill night.

How to Grow Bubblegum Haze Feminized

Bubblegum Haze Feminized grows like a pure typical Sativa plant and reaches a height of 200 cm tall. However, it is best cultivated by experienced growers since it is quite a demanding plant. Such as requiring a lot of manicuring, trimming, and pruning to ensure healthy growth. Setting up supports are also needed since this strain’s branches may not be able to hold its massive yields. It is said to respond well to a Screen of Green (SCROG) setup or hydroponics as it helps with the plant’s productivity. After 8 to 10 weeks of flowering time, growers are then greeted with a bountiful harvest yield of around 400 to 600 grams per square meter. Yet, this strain is more popular to grow outdoors. This is because the yield outdoors is significantly different. For those who opt outdoors, growers should make sure of cultivating this plant in a perfectly sunny or temperate climate. With the right amount of care and attention, growers can then celebrate reaping an insane harvest yield of around 700 to 1000 grams per plant by October.