Blue Fruit Autoflower 5 Pack


Blue Fruit Autoflower is a self-grown, and flavorful, fragrant, and fantastically pleasing strain. For the inexperienced or downright lazy grower, the ultimate in self-satisfaction, this thing is doing all the work and effort so you wouldn’t have to. To generate this auto-flowering version of Blue Fruit, Ruderalis genetic factors were presented to the original. A cannabis strain that, by way of her name on its own, tries to tell you all you need to know about its most interesting characteristics. Blue Fruit Autoflower blends a relaxing and warm body stone with a revitalizing and energizing cerebral boost to the Indica side of the scale. This strain typically tests for about 16 percent THC, among the greatest session smokes money can purchase. Enough, but again absolutely impossible to take over all the edges, and have the desired impact. So with the additional perk of a dessert-like taste that blends creamy vanilla with fresh berries, ensuring you will never forget a decadent and dreamy experience. This weed is reserved solely for silent evenings or relaxed social settings, and that will relax and warm you from top to foot, without an indefinite period sticking you to the couch. A gorgeous Indica with such a mild smash to appreciate anytime you’re in the mood.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Fruit Autoflower?

Blue Fruit Autoflower is like a delectable dessert, ideal for fulfilling a sweet tooth while still getting you high. It also has the taste and scent of a sweet berry, with a little vanilla. A euphoric touch of this cannabis strain is immediate, starting gently and constantly building in density as the seconds pass, uplifting the mood to greater levels. If you’re in this happy state of mind, negative feelings are thrown away, but instead, you will be able to focus on blissful thoughts. A moment or half away, your body is engulfed in a sense of calm and then you’ll probably feel totally hungry. Stress relief is pure bliss, but that also makes it hard to move, though before getting stoned, it’s also smart to put some snacks near you. Because you will be more contemplative and introspective as the high progress. The session normally ends with such a long, good sleep after a few hours of soul-searching. It is perfect for nighttime use since these thick buds trigger laziness and, ultimately, sleepiness. Normally, its moderate amount of THC doesn’t really overpower, and for an enjoyable experience, heading slow and steady still is strongly recommended.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blue Fruit Autoflower?

The lightness of the Blue Fruit Autoflower strain is what makes it a medically useful strain that is so flexible and powerful. Users of therapeutic marijuana tend to look for cannabis strains of terrifyingly high potency, people who prefer those that are easy to enjoy in moderate amounts instead. The early mood-boost is excellent for having dealt with periods of anxiety, empathy, and depression, eradicating unwanted thoughts and putting you at tranquility with your surroundings, a weed strain with excellent physiological and psychological properties. Since this weed has a comparatively low THC content of about 16%, it is very insufficient to experience panic attacks, paranoia, panic attacks, and dizziness. In controlled quantities, Blue Fruit Autoflower could be highly fun including those with a poorly developed THC tolerance. The physical aspect of the stone, which is more soothing and warming than distressing or immobilizing, is a familiar tale. Blue Fruit Autoflower can bring effective and long-lasting pain relief, especially if used in relatively modest dosage, without throwing you off your feet completely. A rich terpene structure, controlled mainly by humulene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, even further increases the medicinal uses.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blue Fruit Autoflower 

Dry eyes and Cottonmouth will set in, as, after all, this is marijuana, though, with some hydration and eye drops, users could easily be disregarded or remedied. Don’t really overdo it, though paranoia, headaches, and dizziness can be caused by excessive consumption.

How to Grow Blue Fruit Autoflower

There are several benefits to cultivating Blue Fruit Autoflower strain that make it a meaningful development project. 3 feet tall and can fit both in tiny growing tents and in discrete cabinets. During the flowering cycle, its robust branches and stems don’t need any support. And in just 9 to 10 weeks after germination, it is ready for harvesting. As an extra benefit, if subjected to chillier than average temps all through light off-hours, its colas and foliage turn deep plum, a characteristic accumulated from its parent strain. While this doesn’t boost potency, it brings additional bag appeal loads.