Black Gorilla 5 Pack


Black Gorilla marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant strain that is all about pure relaxation with a subtle hint of cerebral euphoria. This is a perfect nighttime weed after a busy day at work as it can easily put you to sleep with just a few tokes. Coming from a genetic heritage of Gorilla Glue #4 and Bright Berry cannabis strains, this powerful Indica has a THC level of 25% but some similar strains can reach up to a staggering 32%. Already considered a classic, this weed produces a long-lasting high that is perfect for those who need to chill out and just sit back and enjoy the high brought about by smoking this powerful ganja.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Gorilla (fem)

Black Gorilla weed strain is a favorite of all recreational and medical cannabis users for the sensational high it offers. It will start with a slight buzzing in the head that signals the slight presence of Sativa in this strain. Users will feel instant unexplained happiness where their moods are suddenly uplifted because of the euphoria they are in. But as soon as this is noticed, a warm wave will tingle through the spine and send chilling goosebumps all over the body. As soon as this happens, the user will be finding a place to lounge as an overall feeling of lethargy takes over and the urge to be lazy is too strong to fight off. This long-lasting high will eventually sink the user into a deeper hole of tranquility. By now the limbs are so relaxed that the user refuses to move a muscle, AS the high subsides, a strong urge to take is deep relaxing sleep will make the user cross over to the bedroom and take that much-needed rest.

The aroma and taste of Black Gorilla are similar, the only difference is that its taste is more enhanced and stronger than what one smells from this weed. Berries mixed with chocolatey and diesel flavors are very evident as one inhales the creamy smoke, then hints of fruity and earthy undertones will come as an aftertaste.

How to Grow Black Gorilla (fem)

Black Gorilla feminized weed strains are considered moderate to grow the plant as it will require some pruning and trimming skills to keep this plant healthy. Trimming the tops is necessary to promote more lateral growth where new buds may appear from the new lateral branches. Pruning the lower leaves and branches would also help in promoting better air circulation and allows light to penetrate deeply to the inner core of the plant. They will start flowering and can be harvested in approximately 8 to 9 weeks and expect a medium yield from them.