Banana Sundae 5 Pack


Anybody looking for a tasty and potent strain of cannabis may choose Banana Sundae Feminized Cannabis Seeds. Banana OG and Sundae Driver were crossed to create this strain, which has a sweet and tropical flavor profile that is sure to entice your taste buds. But, it goes beyond flavor. This Sativa-dominant strain has THC levels that range from 16–20%, giving them a similarly potent punch. Banana Sundae Feminized Cannabis Seeds are the strain to choose if you want something tasty and powerful.

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About Banana Sundae

A very sweet and strong strain of cannabis, Banana Sundae Feminized Cannabis Seeds are swiftly winning the hearts of cannabis connoisseurs. Banana OG and Sundae Driver were crossed to create the relatively new strain known as Banana Sundae. Banana Sundae undoubtedly lives up to the reputation of both of these strains for having sweet and fruity flavors.

What can you anticipate from Banana Sundae’s cannabis content, then? This strain falls into the higher range of potency with a normal THC level of 16–20%. Banana Sundae generally contains low quantities of CBD, typically between 0.5 and 1%.

The distinct flavor and aroma profile of this strain makes it stand out from other strains. The strain has a pronounced banana flavor, as the name would imply, which is complemented by notes of creamy vanilla and a smidge of citrus. It’s undoubtedly a strain that’s simple to adore, and even the pickiest cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy its sweet and fruity flavor.

Flavor and Appearance of Banana Sundae

Any cannabis enthusiast who likes fruity and sweet flavors will adore these seeds. Banana Sundae, as its name suggests, is renowned for its distinctive banana flavor, which is both delectably sweet and creamy. It’s like indulging in a decadent banana split sundae with a dash of vanilla and caramel on top!

This plant is distinctive for more reasons than just their flavor, though. These seeds result in buds that have a stunning appearance, with light green and yellow tints, vivid orange hairs, and a liberal coating of sticky trichomes. It’s a sight to behold, and when you inhale its potent fruity perfume, you’ll be whisked away to a tropical haven.

How to Grow Banana Sundae

The versatility of Banana Sundae Feminized Cannabis Seeds allows them to grow in a variety of climates, which is one of their best qualities. They can tolerate some humidity but prefer a warm, dry climate. With these seeds, you can anticipate a plentiful crop whether you’re growing indoors or outside.

This plant typically grows to a height of 35 to 50 inches when planted indoors. They can get a little bit taller outside, growing to heights of up to 70 inches. They are therefore a fantastic choice for individuals who want to increase their production in a little area.

Speaking about output, this plant is renowned for growing both indoor and outdoor plants with big, dense buds. While harvests of up to 700 grams per plant are possible outdoors, indoor producers may anticipate yields of about 500–600 grams per square meter indoors.

Banana Sundae Feminized Cannabis Seeds have a comparatively quick flowering time of only 8 to 9 weeks during the growing season. This makes them a fantastic choice for individuals searching for a rapid turnaround time because you can anticipate harvesting your plants in just a few months.