Alien Gorilla Glue 5 Pack


Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds are the only option if you’re looking for a high-quality, powerful cannabis variety! These premium seeds have undergone careful breeding to create a plant with dense, sticky, and THC-rich buds. In addition to being a fantastic option for seasoned cannabis consumers, Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds are also ideal for individuals who are brand-new to cannabis. It’s simple to understand why this strain has grown to be so well-liked in recent years given that it has a relatively low CBD level and a pleasant, user-friendly flavor.

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About Alien Gorilla Glue

A unique jewel in the world of cannabis production, Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds. The culmination of a skillfully designed breeding procedure, which resulted in a plant that is not only very potent but also highly hardy, is this powerful and highly sought-after variety.

The famed Gorilla Glue #4 strain, which has garnered many accolades and is widely recognized as one of the best strains of all time, is the origin of Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds. This outstanding strain was combined with Alien Technology by the breeders of Alien Gorilla Glue to produce a hybrid that is both potent and distinctive.

The parents of Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds are Gorilla Glue #4 and Alien Technology. Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds, the resultant hybrid that combines the greatest qualities of both parents, is a well-balanced strain. It is one of the strongest strains available thanks to its high THC content, which can vary from 18% to 24%. It also has a moderate CBD content, which helps to balance out the effects of THC and provides a more well-rounded experience.

Flavor and Appearance of Alien Gorilla Glue

The best qualities of two classic strains are combined in Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds to produce a singular and unforgettable experience.

With their dense and compact buds covered in a thick layer of resin that glitters in the light, these seeds have an absolutely gorgeous appearance. The leaves have splashes of orange and purple that give them a pop of color. They are a deep, vibrant green.

But what really distinguishes Alien Gorilla Glue are its tastes. This strain hits all the appropriate taste senses with a sophisticated fusion of earthy, piney, and citrus aromas. A spicy heat that lingers on the mouth is there, along with undertones of chocolate and coffee.

How to Grow Alien Gorilla Glue

All-girl Alien Gorilla Glue marijuana is not recommended for novices to smoke, although it can be cultivated by inexperienced growers. She is a hardy breed that blooms in just 8 to 10 weeks and will let you harvest her huge output in a short amount of time without breaking a sweat. The Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized is a big giver, yielding up to 600 g/m2 indoors and 500 g to 600 g per plant outdoors.

She prefers hot and muggy weather outside. She can still grow up to two meters tall and thrive in practically any environment. You won’t need to prune her constantly because she will only need a little care.

She is thick and bushy indoors, with lengthy lateral branches. She prefers warm, muggy weather, so lighting is important. A high-intensity sodium discharge lamp is suggested. Utilize high-quality soil and water with a balanced PH level to help your plant produce powerful buds.