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AK-47 has grown in popularity alongside the cannabis industry in recent years. This sativa-dominant hybrid was created by crossing Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani strains. Thanks to its diverse genetic background, AK-47 is able to sport THC percentages into the low and mid-20s with regularity. As the child of four legendary strains, AK-47 grows best when given free rein and plenty of room for its roots to spread. As a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, AK-47 is best consumed earlier in the day to avoid potential sleeplessness. AK-47 has long been revered for its depth of effects and ability to engage individuals with a long-lasting buzz.

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Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Genetics: Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghani

Flowering Period: Nine Weeks

Climate: Mild

Yield: 350500 Grams per Meter Squared

Flavors: Earthy, Musky, Woody

THC Levels: 20%

CBD Levels: Low

Harvest Period: Middle of October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What Are AK-47 Feminized Strain Effects?

While the exact lineage of this strain will likely remain hidden from our eyes, we can see the effects that it imparts upon users clear as day. As a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with legendary indica landrace genetics, AK-47 manages to showcase the best of both sides of its sativa/indica paradigm. As uplifting and energetic at times as it is relaxing and soothing, AK-47 is a wildcard of a hybrid strain.

An infamous strain named after a weapon, AK-47 doesn’t surprise most users when inhalation quickly gets behind their eyes with a quick buzz that begins on the exhale. With its sativa roots, AK-47 is able to seemingly lift your spirit while helping your mind and heart race to new levels, leading you to a euphoric buzz that is as relaxing as it is endearing. This unique profile helps individuals get relief from several disorders including insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression  leading to one of the better therapeutic strains for home cultivation.

Ak-47 feminized seeds can lead to a plant with robust effects that help combat potential conditions such as depression, headaches, migraines, and even anxiety. As with any high-functioning sativa, over-consumption can lead to potential restlessness and paranoia, as well as dry eyes and cottonmouth. These side effects are common with any products that contain THC and are considered minimal at best. Individuals sensitive to cannabis with high levels of THC would do best to set their boundaries with this strain while adhering to their personal consumption limits.

AK-47 Feminized Details: A Closer Look

As the cross of legendary landrace strains, AK-47 features many of the most prominent characteristics of its parents. AK-47 features the robust yet traditional skunk scent that is so closely related to cannabis. In addition to this standard musk and skunk, AK-47 features an almost gunpowder-like odor that is impossible to miss and even harder to ignore. After hitting the nose with an initial burst of sour, the strain’s more subtle earthy and floral aromas arrive at the party.  Thanks to the deep and complex nose in this strain, AK-47 has the tendency to surprise people before completely winning them over.

If the smell of this strain screams gunpowder, then the taste doesn’t miss by too much, either. Upon initial inhalation, AK-47 greets the throat with a floral-like flavor that builds into a sweet finish. Thanks to the heavy smoke and pungency of the bud, some users may report struggling to smoke this strain without coughing. For those who can get by the potential harshness of the plant, a distinctly sweet yet unmistakably diesel strain awaits them. All these flavors and tastes can easily be overwhelmed by the sour side of the equation, so a careful and balanced approach with respect to your palate is to be admired.

One of the best reasons to consider buying AK-47 feminized seeds is that it will make your next harvest a dream. AK-47 is already an easy-to-grow strain outside of its enormous pungency. Complete beginners can tackle AK-47 both indoors and outdoors while expecting a reasonable yield of up to 14 ounces per square meter indoors or outdoors. A rewarding and bountiful plant to cultivate, AK-47 thrives in situations where compact lighting is prioritized. This strain is short and stubby like its traditional landrace roots, so accommodate lighting as close to the plant as potentially possible.

Despite some of its traditional landrace genetics, the sativa side of the AK-47 plant wins out with sprawling root systems that develop into larger plants. Ak-47 can grow quite tall for an indica-dominant plant with large calyxes and dark buds. When grown indoors, AK-47 is best cultivated in hydroponic or soil setups with steadfast control of temperature and humidity. Due to the elongated structure of the plant, it might be beneficial for home growers to invest in stabilizing equipment to prevent their crops from falling over during the growth process.

No matter how you plan to approach the lighting system of your AK-47 plant, make sure to provide proper ventilation throughout the process. Ventilation will ensure that the plant grows well while maintaining its appropriate yet extreme humidity levels.

How To Germinate And Grow AK-47 Feminized Seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds can be as intimidating as it is functionally simple. While germination occurs in nature without disruption by human hands, we can’t afford to undergo the same process as cannabis does in the wild where it releases countless seeds into the wind. Instead, we can focus on utilizing AK-47 feminized seeds to shore up our germination rates.

Why Use Feminized Seeds?

While male plants are vital to any reputable breeding program, they aren’t exactly what we are looking for when it comes time to develop bud sites. By using feminized seeds, we can boost the likelihood that our seeds germinate into female plants, i.e., the plants that have the bud we so desperately want to cultivate.

How to Grow AK-47 Fem Seeds

AK-47 is a versatile strain that can prosper in both indoor and outdoor settings. A hardy plant capable of success in hydro and soil systems, AK-47 needs to start through a successful germination process to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

What you will need: Clean Water, AK-47 Fem Seeds, Paper Towels, and Two Plates

To germinate your seeds, simply soak your paper towels in clean water without completely drenching them. Once the towels have been moistened, you can add the seeds one by one to the mixture. The wet paper towels will give your seed something to cling to as it grows, hopefully leading to an emerging taproot within 24 hours.

Cannabis seeds can be fickle during the germination process, so it is of the utmost importance that we leave them undisturbed and out of the way. Place your covered seeds in a dark and cool area where they can be monitored for up to a week.

Most seeds will successfully germinate within that week-long period. If your seeds do not germinate within that time period, you might need to start with a fresh batch.

Best Grow Mediums For AK-47 Feminized Seeds

AK-47 can become a fantastic and hardy plant when it is fully grown, but the path there requires a proper beginning. Ultimately, AK-47 can thrive in soil, hydroponic, or aeroponic conditions, though they each offer unique benefits.

Let’s look at a few different growing mediums that you can explore for use with your AK-47 feminized seeds.

  1. Soil  The traditional approach to cannabis cultivation involves the use of soil. Soil can be a fantastic growing medium for AK-47 as it provides all the nutrition that the plant requires from sources such as earthworm castings. Soil can be a tough option to grow with, however, as you need to properly measure the nutritional value of the soil itself to properly feed your plant. AK-47 can be prone to bud rot, so watch out for too much phosphorous if you grow in soil.
  2. Starter Plugs  You don’t get a great plant without first germinating a seed. Starter plugs are a great way to get your seeds germinated as they expand with the seed due to moisture and heat. Ideal for cuttings and seed germination, starter plugs provide moisture control and aeration while promoting the regeneration of roots. Use starter plugs, particularly if you are planning on cloning a plant.
  3. Clay Pellets  Also known as hydroton, clay pellets are great for larger plants as they provide a heavy and sturdy base for the root system to cling to. Clay pellets comprise expanded and heated clay and are best used within hydroponic systems as they are porous. Clay pellets can be cleaned and re-used multiple times as long as you sanitize them after each use.
  4. Coco Coir  Finally, we want to introduce growers of AK-47 to coconut coir. Made up of coco fibers, this peat moss-like medium is both sustainable and eco-friendly. Coco coir is made of coconut husks and works as a balance between hydro and non-hydro growing. Coco coir is great because it allows you to learn as you go, adjusting to any potential feeding mistakes.

There are plenty of ways to approach the cultivation of AK-47. Take time to read through our different mediums while planning how to germinate your own AK-47 crop.

Nicknames & Common Misspelled Names For AK-47 Feminized

With a name like AK-47, it can be hard to imagine ever forgetting what the strain is called. With that said, AK-47 has collected more than a couple of nicknames since it was first introduced to the cannabis world in the early ’90s. While the differences in the names are mild, this strain is also known as AK, AK47, and AK-47.