Afghan Autoflower 5 Pack


The Afghan Autoflowering Seeds is an Indica breed with ancestral roots from the original Kush plants of the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan. These seeds come from a plant cross-bred with Ruderalis, which is native to Russia. Ruderalis has the ability to flower automatically after a few weeks as it’s accustomed to shorter growing periods without being dependent on a certain amount of sunlight. Even beginners can easily grow Afghan Auto seeds as the plant is resilient and thrives in any set-up, let it be indoors or outdoors. However, it’s rousing scent may make it a challenge to grow the strain in a discreet manner, so growers should bear this in mind when picking a location.This pure Indica strain, with a touch of Ruderalis, is not something one should turn to when looking to fight fatigue or an energizing stimulation. Instead, it’s a relaxing strain, perfect for lazy evenings or for those just wanting to end a stressful day.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Afghan Autoflowering Seeds?

Afghan Auto is short, bushy, and hardy. The nugs are coated with resins, much like a Christmas tree. Once lit up, this strain has a strong earthy and pinelike aroma making it irresistible and as the smoke dissipates, a hint of sweet and floral scent lingers. It features a somewhat spicy, earthy, pine, and sweet flavor with a touch of citrus. Thick smoke is to be expected, which is common to most Indica-dominant strains.

This full-body ease comes with only a minor price to pay, such as a bit of cottonmouth and dry eyes. Afghan Auto produces a profound body relaxation effect that will make you sleepy and even lethargic, depending on the user’s intake and tolerance. Still, it’s also known to charge you with a feeling of euphoria. Apart from that, this strain also induces hunger, which is beneficial for those with eating disorders. It’s best to start with small amounts as smoking Afghan Auto may result in a couchlock effect. Because of this, it is best reserved for nighttime use.

What are the Medical Benefits of Afghan Autoflowering Seeds?

The intense relaxation effect has proven to be beneficial for patients struggling with sleep without the grogginess of prescription drugs. Those undergoing chemotherapy or those with an eating disorder also benefits from this strain’s hungry feeling and may temporarily relieve patients from nausea and vomiting. With this strain, food becomes tempting, and eating becomes a pleasure, ultimately leading to weight gain. It also brings relief from those suffering from muscle and nerve pains or inflammation, making it a favorite of those experiencing arthritis, migraines, and the like.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Afghan Autoflowering Seeds

This strain may turn your tensions into relaxation and can even take you as far as nirvana, but it still carries the typical adverse reactions such as dry mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, headache, and paranoia.

How to Grow Afghan Autoflowering Seeds

Afghan Auto is very beginner-friendly for it’s easy to grow, whether indoors or outdoors. Because of its resiliency to temperature, pests, and diseases, minimal effort from the grower can still go a long way in terms of yield. A quick harvest also is appealing for those just developing their green fingers. In only 8-9 weeks, the beans go from seedlings to harvest-ready. Given its hardy nature, this strain thrives in less-nutritious soil, so there is no need to splurge on fertilizers.

However, this does not mean that there are no downsides. It is a relatively short plant,  meaning there isn’t much bud, and there are less THC. Growers may opt to leave it in its vegetative state and wait for it to develop large and productive plants. Also, pruning and trimming are required because of its luxuriant foliage. When outdoors, the plant can produce up to 11 ounces when in full bloom.