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Cross breeding the Jack Here and Dutch Treat, both known for its citrus flavors, resulted to an Indica dominant strain called the Dutch Crunch. This strain is an intercontinental hybrid with its genetic parents coming from the Netherlands and America. The Dutch Crunch is able to clear the mind of its users from any pessimistic thoughts and emotions thus, helping them have a more optimistic view of the world. This strain is also a delight to cultivate and not much maintenance is needed however, as it blooms in a cool climate, growers should take note of fluctuating temperatures.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Dutch Crunch Feminized?

The Dutch Crunch provides a more soothing effect to its users. Leaning over to the Indica side, this strain offers the perfect unwinding experience. Thus, it is recommended to take during night time or days where stress is overwhelming as this strain is able to transport its users to dream land. This strain offers the palette a mixture of pine and citrus flavors that will surely make a mouth watering experience.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dutch Crunch Feminized?

The Dutch Crunch Feminized offers numerous medical benefits to its users as well. First, given its sedative properties, it can help those who are suffering from sleeping disorders such as insomnia. It is able to achieve an undisturbed and deep sleep for these patients.Next, for individuals having chronic pains, the Dutch Crunch also has pain killing components that may help reduce these pains. Furthermore, as it puts its users to a tranquil state, it may relieve individuals from fatigue and over bearing stress. Lastly, the Dutch Crunch is an appetite stimulant and helps an individual to consume more food than normal. So, if you are planning to lose weight, this might not be a good strain for you. However, if you are planning to gain or are losing an unhealthy amount of weight due to a side effect of an illness or medication then, the Dutch Crunch may help with building up weight.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dutch Crunch Feminized

There are no adverse effects known at this moment however, the most common ones that occur when using any cannabis strain is the dry eyes and dry cough. By not hydrating enough, these may result to itching and irritations.  Lastly, the Dutch Crunch contains THC in which people who are sensitive to this component or those who take this in high dosages, may experience paranoia and hallucinations. It is recommended to take this in moderation to avoid these harmful effects.

How to Grow Dutch Crunch Feminized

Growing the Dutch Crunch Feminized has a lot of advantages. One of these is that the seeds of this plant are able to produce buds which makes it possible to harvest a higher yield. It releases the growers from the burden and hassle of identifying male plants and segregating them from the females. This means lesser resources, such as time, energy, and money, are used.

In a controlled setting, this plant can produce a yield of about 2-4 oz/ft2 and can be harvested within 49 to 70 days. Using the Sea of Green (SoG) technique may help maximize its full potential. Through this method, the grower is able to produce more yields within a limited space and can be harvested in a shorter span of time. It is recommended that light can reach the plants when growing indoors

Outdoors, the Dutch Crunch Feminized thrives  in a cool temperature of around 25 degrees celsius. It is recommended to provide enough nutrients as external factors may cause harm to the plant. Mold and pests are common threats thus, growers should be wary of these. By taking precautions and monitoring the plant, growers can expect an abundant harvest of around 4-6 oz/ft2.