Time to enjoy!!

     Wether you like to pack it up, vape it, or you spark up a good old fashion doobie, we've got you covered!  

     If you have a tendency to drop things, just like the rest of us, we have some of the most unique silicone, acrylic, and 3D printed pieces around, including dab rigs, spoons, bongs, and blunt bubblers! If silicone isnt your thing, we have a vast selection of metal, wood, and meerschaum smoking implements as well!

     Glass is one of the most popular smoking styles, and we have a lot of it! Here at Western Mass Hydroponics we hand select every piece to ensure quality and functionality. Our glass ranges from everyday hand pipes to some of the most unique and beautiful heady pieces around. Come see our selection for yourself! 

Tired of the same wraps with the same boring flavors? We have plenty of choices to choose from, from tobacco free hemp wraps, cones, papers, to herbal vaporizers, you'll never be bored here!